Sunday, July 30, 2006

Stupid Mana

After many many weeks of procastrination, I have finally moved my lazy ass to do some groceries shopping. Well... sort of.

I don't know why, comes every weekend, my body just turned into a lump of bloody lazy flesh and lethargic. So I decided to go for a body massage, see if it helps. So this morning, after about two hours of procastrination, i picked up the phone and made an appointment.

Half an hour later, there I was at the centre and having a massage. On the way I was thinking to myself, since I was already out and the place is close to Satu Utama, maybe I should go do my shopping after the massage; book, groceries and maybe some shirts.

Two hours later, there I was in the car heading to the Satu Utama. Half expecting there will be lot's of people and parking will be a hell. If not because I need to get some groceries, I would have rode my bike instead of driving the car and going through hell to find a car park.

As expected, there were cars park everywhere outside of the mall, legal and illegal. I decided against going ahead with my initial plan, passed by the mall parking entrance. Then it hit me that I haven't been to the Sempadan bookstore eversince I was opened in the Lengkok.

After the turn at the traffic lights, the queue already started, with all the slow moving cars. Damn, don't this people have other better thing to do? Damn the Malaysia On Sale Karnival is on, and now it the Hari Gaji (Pay day). Bloody stupid Mana! Never learn.

Never to time your groceries stock to finish during end of the month, what more during Sales Karnival. Bullock! So there I was, making a U-turn. Better head back home and stop by the Gergasi replenish my groceries. Forget about the books and shirt.

Passed by the Gergasi, and take look at the outdoor parking from inside my car. Blardy bullock! No blardy damn empty car park. Shit! Fine, I will just go to the small Gergasi nearby and groceries list sure get shorter. The small Gergasi don't stock all the things that I would like to have. The corns looks like it has been there for weeks!

Got a big bottle of Ribena, been like ages since I drink ribena. That was since my last continues supply run out like three months ago and I never bother to top it up. The fruits doesn't look fresh too. bleh!