Wednesday, August 23, 2006


After after having managed to avoid from bumping into my boss when I went into and went out of office for like one whole week, finally there is just no more avoiding today. He owe me a status update on certain issue and I can't wait to get the update until tomorrow (well, technically it's today).

So he was standing and discussing with one of guy just outside our room when I was leaving office, and I went to check with him on the update. Well, he asked me to join him with another vice president for a drink and told me he will update me during the drinking. And, finally he saw that I was holding my worn-out leather jacket and helmet.

As usual, he try to ask me not to ride bike and try to get me to car pool with other colleagues until my car is fixed. I told him, it's not convenient and promise to ride carefully. He doesn't seems convinced, well (eyes rolls).... anyway I manage to change topic and so the whole issue of me riding was being forgetten.

So three of us was having a bottle of chivas in the blacken pub just now. It's like that for almost one hour until the power supply to the pub (and few lots of pubs) was restore. And three of us had finnished like 3/4 of the bottle before we decided to call it a day.

I was pretty high, and I had I have another shot I would be drunked. So the vice president was sending me back to office (car park) to get my bike and head home. Near my office, he was trying to find out if I was still sober.

him: Are you sure you are okie to ride home? We can stop by a mamak have something to cools off and get sober.
mana: It's okie.
him: You pronounce it's okie like it'swokie. You sure you are fine?

Then we passed by a billboard ads.

him: You see that billboard over there? What was written on the billboard?
mana: You mean the top or the bottom?
him: The bottom.
mana: The top is "Sharp". The one on the piece of paper the lady is holding is "Mesin cetak, penyalin dan fuck!"
him: WTF? Okie, you are sober. It's not "fucks" lar, it's "Faks".
mana: Well, I was pronouncing it using bahasa baku! Hahaahaaa.....