Friday, August 18, 2006

Mercy there is still

Well, it's a near miss again this morning. Well, technically yesterday morning.

I had to use the Federal Highway again, needed to submit one last document for the claim. While I was passing through a certain motorcycle lane's tunnel, there was this idiot decided that to carry out some stunt. Everyone knows the motorcycle lane on the Federal Hightway is a one way lane. Yet this bugger decided to act funny, and went against the norm.

Well, I wouldn't be so pissed if he were to do at a straight stretch. Yet, to do it at the sharp corner in a tunnel that's almost suicidal and homocidal.

I was in this tunnel, and at the sharp corner out of no where this bugger just appear to be heading toward me. The only thing which came to me was "FuckED!@#$@#@#!!!!". What the hell is this idiot think he is doing?

Luckily I was riding on the left side of the lane. If I were to decide to ride one the right side or even the middle of the less than 1 meter wide motorlane, at the very least I would have a broken limb. Riding at the 70 KM/hours is normal in a dark tunnel like that, yet assuming he is riding at 30 KM/hour, that effective mean the head to head colision happen at the effective speed of 100 KM/hour.

The moment when his front light come into my view, he was at the very most 3 fucking meters away from me. That mean I had less than 1 second to react, and steer away, which is almost impossible. If I was to ride on the right side of the lane, I would have been a direct hit and I wouldn't be able to update this post now.

Well, after all my luck wasn't so bad. There is mercy still on this soul. rAmen!