Sunday, November 12, 2006

Massive Clean Up

Spent like almost 5 hours clean up my loft this morning (technically yesterday morning actually). I can't even remember when was the last time proper clean was done. Go by the stack of old newspapers, I think maybe three/four months ago :P.

Having spent like one week in hotel, with someone to clean up everyday, and to come back to step on the sticky floor beg me to clean up the place. The amount of dust collected on the racks, and other surface is enough to turn few basin of water black.

With my brother out, I take my sweet time to clean up the bedroom, living room, and kitchen floor. The kitchen top and the rest will have to wait till I receive another "inspiration" :P.

Can you see the reflection on the floor?

* * *
The training was completed pretty early on the last day (Thursday). I took the opportunity to go Namdeamun Market (Seoul version of Petaling Street, except it's bigger).

Took subway there. Asked the women manning the ticket counter how to get there, communication was a problem as. She seemed to be struggling to explain to me on how to switch subway to get there. The route which she proposed requires me to transit subway only one time. But when I look at the map that I had with me, there seems to be an alternative route which seems to be shorter (on the map at least), alas I will have to transit to different lines twice. I took the shorter route, and changed two lines of subways. Man they have like at least 9 subway lines.

First impression I get when I was there was the shopkeeper seems like gangster to me, especially the male. Wearing leather jacket and what-not with their not-so-friendly face is pretty intimidating to me :P

* * *
The pig knuckle seems so delicious, I bought one for dinner. As usual, have problem communicating to shopkeeper. Had to resort to sign-language. At first she offered to sell me two, small one which at that time I thought I may not be able to finnish, and only to be regreted later that I took only one as most part of it are only bones. Lucky I also bought the corn and persimmon.

The corn is different from our local corn. Theirs is a bit like the glutinous rice, not as starcy as ours. I still prefer our local corn. The persimmon is nice tough, except that I didn't have knife to cut and peel it. So had to resorted to my babaric way of using hand and teeth :P

Thumbs up for the knuckle and persimmon, thumb down for the corn.

The remains. Can't finnish the corn :(