Sunday, November 05, 2006

What I wish I could do without before travel

Will be away from office for the whole week. I am attending a training in Seoul, and flying off tonight (of well it's actually tomorrow, 1am). For season business traveler, flying and traveling on business trip is not as glamour as what most of the people would think. I'm not yet a season traveller, but from my few previous trips I understand what thos season traveler are talking about. Red eyes flight, and transit are the most unattractive part of travel.

This is another first time me to Korea, and from what I read and heard foreigner who undestand and speak no Korean will have problem of communication there. As much as I wish to deny, there is some anxiety because of this.

The following are the thing that I wish I could do without, before (in preparation) for a trip.

Prepare the Luggage - How many shirt/pants/underwaer should I bring? Shit! It's autum there now, I think it's cold. I hate cold weather because I can't really stand it. Is the clothing that I bring enough to keep me stay alive from the cold weather?

Money Exchange - How much should I change? Damn! Seoul is such an expensive city. I have no choice by to call up my bank to activate my ATM to enable me to withdraw my money there.

Early morning flight - Oh well... this is not something that need to be done before travelling, anyway it's still something I don't like for the fact that I can't sleep comfortably on the uncomfortable chair. Maybe I should just ask for few glasses of alcoholic drink and knock myself out :P

Mmm... that are all I can think off. Not so many and bad enough for me to hate travelling. In fact I do like traveling. Travel to a new place and environment, give me a new perspective and snapped me away from the comfortable environment which I am used to. Being confortable is not neccessary a good thing, as if we are too comfortable (especially for too long) we tend to be complecent and take things for granted.

The long journey is a good excuse for me to buy more new books, and have plenty of time to read them. Went to bookstore to get myself some books just now. Let see if I can finnish these four book in one week that I am away.

Saw lots of classical books on the shelf, and very tempted to give it another try, but on second thought I chose to play it safe. Just took short stories from Oscar Wilde and Voltaire. My two previous attempts with classical novel failed miserably. The Dicken's The Old Curiosity Shop and Tolstroy's War and Peace are still collecting dust somewhere on my book shelf or somewhere :P Can't even get through quater of each books. Maybe I should give it another try when I my literary ego is on a high, now I don't think I am well prepared.

Borrowed a digicam from my cousin, hopefully will be able to post some interesting photo of my trip through out the week.