Thursday, October 26, 2006


Been pretty pretending to be busy with stuffs at work, lately. All the projects suddenly came in at almost the same time. How bad is it? Well consider this, it's so bad that prioritizing tasks for myself and the rest of the team members are in itself a major problem. So how do I handle it? The only rules I follow right now in prioritizing the tasks (borrow some words from another colleague) is - I will do which ever task that I am going to get fuck the most and the soonest first. Other tasks, I just close one eyes put aside until I am about to get fuck.

Spending second half part of the day on second day of Raya in conference call which dragged on until 5am the next morning. Two weeks ago, spent almost 48 hours continueously in office.

* * *
This was the breakfast I had on Deepavali day. Normally I seldom had breakfast, and that day just feel like having one. So here the pics.

The cornflakes even matches with my kitchen table top :)

Add in some flavour... yeah... it's ribena...

Next... pour the milk

Voila... Ribena Cornflake Milk :-) Yummy.....

Okie... this is lame... I don't really in the right frame of mind to write more.

* * *
Talking about frame of mind, I was struggling to brush up my programming. For two whole weeks, including weekends, was trying to come up with proper development framework for which the team suppose to follow.

Trying to put together a framework with consisted of among others, these good shits - Hibernate, Spring Framework, EJB3 and JBoss.

Tooks me two days just to read up and almost two weeks put together the framework. I think ever since I was assigned new role almost two years back, these two weeks are the weeks when I am in the state of most aloof. Even in office, I hide myself in my small cubicle and mostly cut short any crap discussion, small talk, even with my boss :P.

After such a long time didn't do serious programming, I find it hard to get back into the flow. So once I am in the flow, I tend to ignore other things.