Thursday, November 16, 2006

To whoever this may concern

Now before I get into that, just got back from Casino Royale. Nah... I am not good a reviewing, and not in the mood to make fool of myself, so no review. Is there anything on this earth which is more painful and hurtful then being betrayed by a love one, and all because of money? In case you are wondering, nah this has nothing to do with the movies or me. Just something that float out of nowhere.

* * *
So, yes to whoever this may concern this may has got nothing to do with you. This writing is just for my own vainess sake and pleasure.

In case you have not notice, this organisation (you are an exception though) is all about formulating and implementing solutions. If pointing finger is part of the process of getting to the solution, for goodness sake do it. Yet I can't help but not sensing even a tiny weeny inkling of that intention when you replay your golden finger card, again.

Comes to age and tenure, yours superseded mine by far. For someone in your position and seniority, to choose to hide one inabilities behind a couple of poor juniors is just a plain shameful act. You are suppose to guide and protect themselves from their own folly and inexperienced, and not take advantage of them.

I wanted to say sorry that I was being rude for asking you to go away when I was having a discussion to find out from the poor his side of story, of whom you accused of being responsible of this mess that you let happen. Yet I think there is no point of saying sorry when I don't really mean it. Also for the fact that, being as subtle as I possibly can and ought to, I was "expoiting" the situation to my own advantage of "showing" to the poor soul and the rest of my team that I will never let them to be bullied.(I can feel the thorns and tail itching to grow out of my head and butt :P)

Stood there and attempting to interject our conversation, being as insecure as you are, I guess you must be trying ensure that the poor soul doesn't "expose" anything that might be of harmful to you (as if you still have any reputation left to be protected). Despite me being clueless (by choice) about this project, your attempt to cover-up your weakness is simply futile and insulting my intelligent. Yet if this will make you feel more secure, I can tell you I do not subscribe to your way of "solving a problem".

In case you have not notice and never ever learn and wondering why do I have to "protect" my team member, let me share this open secret with you. Accusing a member of my team of not performing is amounting to accusing me of not doing my job to ensure every member of my team is doing their job. If you have problem in dealing with any of them, you are always welcome to discuss with me (which "incidently" being agreed and highlighted by the person whom you always attempt to boot-lick), anytime. But please just don't expect me to swallow whole what you going to tell me.