Sunday, November 26, 2006

Differences are to be celebrated

I am procrastinating if I should go to driving range now. The weather is not on my side, in fact it's inducing me to go into a hibernation mode. *resist I must*. The sumptuous lunch prepared by my cousin and auntie which I had at my cousin place was partly to blame too. Yeah... it's all ain't my fault :P

* * *

I think homo sapiens is the most insecure species on planet earth. While this may not be backed by any backed by any scientific/unscientific studies, I think no other animal are capable of having nightmare like human. No other animal have the creativity nor the capacity to create an illusion of perceived threat to themselves.

Despite being blessed with intelligence, most choose not to use it to overcome the self delusional fear on differences. It happen in almost all levels, not just difference in race, though that is the most depressing and hotly debated national issue now.

If there is one who is quick to think that a monogamous society, with single race and single religion is a one-for-all solution for this issue, please look at country like Pakistan. Going through their newspapers during my short stint there, I came to conclusion that without multiple religions which can be conveniently used as a single denomination to induce disunity there are still plenty of other differences which can be harped on.

Why don't we look at the bright side of differences? Why not look at the positive side of it? Oh well, depends on which side you look it from. The political rats ways of manipulating this issues could as well be false positive, at least from their own myopic point of view, in gaining their political millage. But I am talking about the big picture kind of positive here.

Sometimes it's very tempting to conveniently adopting a simplistic view of living in a monogamous environment. There are so much hassles which can be avoided. There are less factors to be considered, for example when you need to organize a meal for the meeting. Yet many times, come to think of it, imagine how boring life must have been to live in place where everyone and everything is so uniform. I think I rather pay for the price of little hassles in order to have a more colorful and fun life.

* * *

OK, me thinks better move my lazy ass off the sofa, and pray head out to the driving range before my weaning resolve fails me *sniff*, again :P