Thursday, November 23, 2006

Plan... what for?

Me for one cannot understand what the brouhaha on the building plans in one of the port town about. Since when does the people in this bolehland require a plan for anything. We are serba-boleh. Plan is only for sissy who are not only have high sense of insecurity about their future. It is also signs of slow witted, and unable to make a lightning speed decision on the spot. Yet of course for some people, they may say this sissy-ness is just a perception.

Just take a look at the transportation system in this bolehland capital. Where on earth can anyone find such a unique light transit system, which specifically tailored to encourage the commuter to not confine themselves within the compound of the rail system when they need to transit from one system to another. Even without a proper plan, we can come out with such a unique feature.

This wander feature is sorely lacking in the rail system in Seoul. Taking the underground subway there, one is not encourage chance upon the view of the city while transit to another. One is more encourage to take the connecting tunnel, fully air-conditioned, to switch to another line, thus losing the chance to take in the sight on hassle-bustle of the city above the ground.

Doesn't our media aware that we bolehland people are so adaptable, so much that we can quickly adapt to change without requiring any plan. Otherwise our smart leader would not have made that change-your-lifestyle call during the steep hike on the oil price.

If this is a shame tactic in the process of educating our politician and council man, maybe our pressman wasn't learning anything from our recent histories. Since when does the this generation of bolehland politikus have any shame? Shame is not a prerequisites to be one. Or have they confused themselves between shame and shy, I wouldn't be surprise they claim they were.