Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What is wrong with this people

Was happily packing up my stuff to go home. There was another guy, from the other subsidiary still toiling with his work. Walk past the discussion room he is in on my way out, and he was signaling something with me from inside, so I just stopped by. "You are leaving already? There is no one else back there isn't it?" I answered with affirmative. "Err... arr... errr... arr... I am almost done here, just replying my last e-mail... ." And I was like... WTF? I am not interested in what you are doing, it's none of my business! You are not reporting to me, do you? Helloooo....!!! Well, I knew what he is implying... want me to wait for him and lock up the door after him.

I had done that once for him, and that was when he had just joined the company for a few weeks. That first time, I told him it's a common practise in this company for whoever leave last take the night key and lock the door and put the night key back to where one took it the next morning. Doesn't anyone from your company told you? Okie fine, though you are older than me and not a small kid anymore (don't tell me you are afraid to be alone in this office), but just because you just joined during that time I teman you one time.

But that was like few months ago. You should have known this by now. I can't even think of any excuse for myself to teman you. So you eat yourself lar. "The key is there on the table, why don't you lock up yourself?" me walking out and pointing to the night key on the table and he was still there like... "Errr... uhh... arr.... err... okie..." Malas nak layan orang macam nie. What is so difficult with locking up the door? Hellooooo!!!!

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