Saturday, December 16, 2006

Narcotic Raid

Was almost ending our drinking session in one of the watering holes in Hartamas just now, when a bunch of police officers from narcotic branch (I believe) stormed got into the place half past midnight.

This is only the second time I experience this, as so far the worst. Well... actually I can't remember how it was like the first time, maybe almost two years ago. Probably that could be worse. Anyway... we got hold up for almost three hours, thanks to the efficiency of the raiding team. That the time they took to complete the urine test for 200 odds patrons.

I fell asleep a brief moment while waiting for my name to be called. Peeing fetish would probably having a jolly good time looking at hot chicks (and not so hot chicks) holding their cups of urine walking about the place. Not forgetting fantasizing and let their imagination run wild. Just too bad I don't have this fetish, so the next best thing I could do was just lying down on cough and sleep.


Was experimenting with my cam last night, and these are the results.

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