Friday, January 26, 2007

Sound Pollution

If I am not a lazy bump, I would probably paste some sounds I've been hearing these few days here, then only you will get the complete picture on what's going on here. Imagines a none stop honking sound when you are looking at the picture.
Pay attention to something at the top of the bus! Saw the stunts they did on top of the moving train too, but didn't manage to grab hold of camera in time to snap the pic. Maybe next time.

Yes... play the honking sound in your mind as you see this. The round-a-bout just in front of the building I work.

Photo taken from the roof top of the building. We don't need police, even in traffic condition close to anarchy. Well... there are police men there, but I think they are as good not there. They don't even need a traffic light.

No, I am not betting my live walking across the busy main street just to get this picture. Taken while I am in the car which send us to the site.