Wednesday, January 17, 2007

'Nuther Meme Crossing Event Horizon into Singularity

Someone told me, I gotta be technical with her. Hence the title of this blog. If you don't have a clue about what it is all about, and bother to find our, please go here.

As usual, having a brain (or at least the part of the brain which is in charge of storing memory) the size none the bigger than the size of the brain of goldfish, I can't recall much about the movies that I have seen.

Written here are the remnant of memories I have about the movies that I have seen for the past weeks, and which could also be the record weeks in which I watched the most movies for the past 3 years... or could also be the record for my entire existence until now.

Barnyard - Talking cow? Anyhow I think I can to a certain extents related very well to Otis (surprise... surprise... I remember the name!!! In case your really believe that I remember, there is such thing call google and The internet movies database :P

The Curse of Golden Flower - The Curse of Giggling Boobs. Family infighting and incest? 'nuff said

Happy Feet - Damn, I can't remember what exactly the catchy lines which I like. I think it goes something like Appeal to one better self. Tried google it up and got a few results, Appeal to the better sense, Appeal on one better nature, etc. Of them all I think I like the Appeal to one better nature.

Confession of Pain - Why we drink alcohol? Because it taste like overnight sock soaking water? The flash back of the killing scene halfway through the movie basically spoiled and gave away the whole story lines there after (at least for me:). Al Cheapo way of attempting to be different (from other movies). Sounds familiar eh? Biggest flag in the world, and all sort of Malaysia Boleh! stunts.

The Guardian - Bloody long, but at least not as boring as The curse of giggling boobs. I was later told that someone was holding and controlling one bladder to wait for the movies to finnish finish. Lucky the dam doesn't go burst in the cinema :P The climax was dragged on a little bit too long. They should just let the Guardian come into existence at the point where they put in a couple of "false alarms" and filler scene. Still can't understand why they need to have the filler scenes at the ending part of the movies.

*now that I have complained about the a little too long ending movies, and can senses that you have started to feels bored to the core with my WTF? movies reviews, so I better keep the rest short and sweet. (hmm... can't think of any better better excuses to be lazy, and hopefully they are not too lame)*

Night at the Museum - Dumm Dumm want Gum Gum.

Fly Boys - Budak Budak Terbang. ??!!! lol

I tag five persons who have never visit this blog except through their dream (or nightmare) and can't remember even a freaking bit of their dreams once they wake up.