Friday, December 29, 2006


It has been a while since I last go lost. And I manage to get myself lost on my way back home from office just now. The traffic on the Federal Highway was crawling as ever. Though of late I have came to term with crawling traffic and burning hydrocarbon, just now I just felt a little adventurous and decide to detour.

Instead of following the familiar routes, I head into forest of houses which I have never been to. 15 mins later I am completely clueless on where was me. Passed through housing areas which I never heard of (not that I heard a lots :P), and made a complete circle in one of the low cost apartment thinking there is another exit at the other end, only to found out it has the same entry and exit road.

Criss cross under the LRT track for at least 4 times before I got home. The feeling of being lost is pretty refreshing and... lost :P Even when I finally arrived at the familiar place, it took me a good couples of minutes to completely realize where I was. What a good way to end the last working day of the year!

Writing this down reminds me of my first lost experience. I was probably in standard two or three. Was playing helping my dad and uncle fertilizing the rubbers trees in my late grandfather's rubber plantation in the hills. I can't exactly recalled was it either nature calls or I had to go back to hut to pick something up, which was three or four hills away (or at least that was how it felt like then).

All I can remember was, suddenly I came across a barbed wires fence which I ain't suppose to came across. That was when I started to have cold sweat, and decided to slip my small little body through the barbed wires. I was just beginning to walk a few feet in daze when suddenly I heard someone shouted "Who is that?" and being young and stupid (still is) that I was, turned back and ran toward the fence again.

While I was escaping through the barbed wires, overheard they were discussing who's kid I am they did mentioned my dad and uncle names but I didn't look back and head toward a small streams which I failed to notice earlier. Followed the small stream and finally find my way back to the hut and wondering if I should head back to where my dad and uncles was. I did, and luckily without any trouble. Pheeeww...