Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wut's A Man Want?

How would it feels when you are a girl with a well endowed figure, exposing most part of you skin while carry out the movement best as you know how, and yet a bunch of men on the floor are more interested in playing the silly jokes with themselves?

How would it felt when you have tried your best to establish the rapport and eyes contacts with the audiences, which is mark different from the in house entertainer who for most good part of the time either staring blankly at the three big screen on left walls, or head down admiring the floor, and yet the bunch of the males species are more interested in boozing and playing practical joke on each other?

Being shouted to change your panties (more like a short to me) in mandarin repeatedly because you are trying to bring back the retro looks of sixties / fifties wouldn't be a pleasant experience too, that is if you could make out what an Indian being coached by the chineses to shout those words-which-were-thought-as-funny.

You would have thought the male species is such a simple and straight forward kind, and yet could this experience make you think what exactly they want? :P

Hope the claps at the end of each of your redentions, could at the very least reduce "disturbed" feeling that you could possibly have.

If you haven't notice, I am currently under the influent of alchie... what a good excuse to ramble mindlessly :P