Saturday, March 17, 2007

Of Sexy Brazilian Live Dance and Pearl

Hmm... or rather the lack of it. One day earlier, we were told by the local project coordinator there would be a Brazillian Party going on last night. She invited us to come along. So we work normal hours yesterday (meaning finish work at about 7pm).

Got back to hotel and changed. The driver picked us up and sent us to the restaurant. She wasn't there yet when we arrived. I'd guessed she and the rest of her friends won't be there so early too. So we just waited and get ourselves served a snack plate.

On the ticket which we paid for like RM75 at the entrance was pictures of sexy brazillian dancers in some feathers which obviously wasn't enough to cover all her skin. Exactly the same as the email shown to us by the local project coordinator. The buffet was no more than 5 dishes, including the soup.

I think we got ripped off by the restaurant. By the time she came and we had our so called main course which no other than the self service buffet, the sexy dancers were still no where to be seen. The so called famous DJ was already there and played some latin or samba sort of numbers which got some guai lous and guai phor to walk to the dance floor and shakes their bodies. Anyway the food was pretty okie, thought not as much variety. Well anything that is sweet is nice for my crocodile mouth (borrowed term from a friend). Worth mentioning are the honey roasted chicken and lamb curry with ocra (ladies' finger).

So we decided to leave at 11 pm, after waiting for like 2 1/2 hours. The project coordinator sent us out. My colleague was telling me about her pearl necklace when we were about to leave. Heard that the pearl here are pretty cheap and good. I think he may want to get some for his sweet heart back home.

So on the way out...

Colleague: (_put project coordinator name here_), your pearl necklace is so beautiful! *eyes beaming*.... Where do you got it? We heard the pearl here are good!

Project Coordinator: Oh yeah? I bought it in KL. You know, a place called Sg. Wang. I've got it for like RM10 only *with a smile*

I was like....LMAO, but of course only in my heart.

Anyway she promised to tell us where to get good pearl here one of these days :-)