Monday, March 05, 2007

Mr. BBToo

That is the initial given to our Mr. Chef. The actually full name is pretty unsightly to be put out here in open.

He has a story, at least for us. His story begin probably about one week ago. I mean his story with us. That first time when it actually first caught my sight was when all the kaki alkie convene to the club where the singers are either staring at the floor, the three big asses flat screen on the wall or anywhere else but the audiences.

I was supposed to be the first drinking session after CNY, with almost a full quorum. As usual, we would like trying to get the kublai khan, who is ever elusive and snake-king when come to drink. As usual too, after some failed attempts the target will be shifted to one of our convenient target.

I don't exactly know if our Mr. BBToo is already in the club or being placed at the club entrance. By the time I realized, he was already standing on our table. At least twice the height of the tower which contained the gold liquid.

In between clapping our hand at the end of every song (which being asked to) and shouting "Take off your panties" in mandarin to the sexy singer who adopted 60s/70s theme, we do all sort of stupid thing to entertain ourselves.

One of the act was to push the head of our convenient target to the scrotum of the Mr. BBToo and snap a pic out of it :P By the end of all the show, and when the club was suppose to close, we were still playing with Mr. BBToo and contemplating to bring it back with us. Unfortunately, being the noisiest and most unruly bunch of customer that night (and most of other nights there), the two big ass bouncer was keeping a very close eyes on us. So the plan has to be aborted.

Three days later, I was informed by one of the colleague that one of the gang did actually brought Mr. BBToo to office. I was place in the next room, I was too busy at that time to pay a visit. Later, I was told that the night before, they actually went back to club and smuggled Mr. BBToo out. Mr. BBToo is about half my height, and probably half my size. I really don't know how did they manage to pull it off. But I know for sure we can never go back to that club again :P

I was told that when he was brought out, Mr. BBToo was actually placed in the bar (behind the counter), and the two bouncer were in the club somewhere too. In the first attempt, Mr. Convenient was supposed to drive his car to the front door of the club, and they to bring Mr. BBToo out and put into his boot. But five minutes after he left to get his car, they found that something was amiss and gave Mr. Convenient a call. Only to hear from the other end of the line... "Yeah, I am a chicken" and he was well on his way home.

Given no choice, the remaining three guys has to pull the act off by themselves. One was place at the door, one as the watch man (over the two bouncer) and one was to hug and carry Mr. BBToo out. When they were on the way out, there was a number of people at the next gaming room entrance. I guess they were too stunted to shout or even do anything when saw Mr. BBToo was being carried off and put into a two door wira boot in front of their eyes. And pulled it off they did! lol He is going to be our maskot, for a while. Until we get another kickass mascot that is.

A target has been set, and it is supposed to happen within this year. Watch this space :P Oh the black board which Mr. BBToo is holding, was paste with a printout which contains No Pet, No Sales Man with the photo of a doggy being strike out, and also the pictures of both our Marketing VP being strike out is currently put at the entrance to my department room. Both of them are good sport. One just shown me his fist while smiling from outside the room and the other pretend to cover his face when I came into our room. It was fun! Yay!

Updated: Added the below pic, designed by our co.'s SYT graphic designer :-)