Saturday, April 14, 2007

Got Me Self a New Toy

Been contemplating procrastinating getting a new phone for the past couple of months.

Well, I did finally got the phone.

One fine Monday morning, I woke up to find my loyal Samsung phone has finally given up on me. Probably from being ridicules from the a certain colleague at work.

Should be the battery has reached it's end life. Been eyeing the N95 and thought I will wait a couple more months until the price drop a little bit first.

The morning my loyal blue given up on me, the gadget girl in the office got herself the N95 the weekend before. My boss was ogling at her phone when I got into the office. Broke the news about my loyal blue to the certain colleague and he had a good laugh.

My boss has just lost his spanking new dupod phone (less than 3-2 months) the friday night before. So both of us went to LowYat lunch time that same day. Only problem was the phone which has just out in the market on Saturday was selling like hot pisang goreng. We didn't manage to get our phone that day and decided to get it the next day. So both of us each get one N95 the next day.

From right to left: My first phone, my third phone, and my current phone (4th). I lost my second phone during a motorcycle ride back home from office, sorta like a bad omen as I was about one day away from falling into the one of the lowest point of my life.

Nah, I am not gonna ridicule myself doing a half hearted review here. This stuff is uber cools, features packed... 'nuff said.

It's always fun to do thing that you are not suppose to do, like putting this post while I am suppose to be completing the Income tax returns form. Better get my lazy butt off and get it done by today as might be on the run out of the country again next week *sigh*.