Sunday, March 26, 2006

Back Into Shape

Before I stopped riding my bike one years ago, the fastest I manage to push it is was just about 130 kmph. That was because there was some problem with the carburator and gasket leak in the cylinder head too. Now, after a full service and top overhaul that cost me a bomb, the bike can go up to 140kmph without a sweat and complain. Yeay!

I took the bike out for a 45 min test drive yesterday. First onto NKVE. Not so many vehicles on the road, so it was pretty easy ride. Except for when there was a trailer trying to over take another bus, while I was riding at 140kmph and had to slow down. After having get used to my car breaking system and capabilities, it's require a bit of practice and adjustment. My bike braking system is much inferior than the car's. The rear brake is less gripping than the front break. Need to adjust the rear break.

Then I decided to test it out smaller road with some corners. Into Kesas I went. It has be long since I last travel on the bike lane of KESAS, so I don't really dare to speed too fast especially at the corners. Manuverability at corner as still as good, I just need a few more ride through those road few more time then maybe get the thrill from higher speed cornering. This n0ob used to be able to make the side stand touched the tarmac and generate some spark during cornering at Awan Besar rest area. Not this time.

The traffic on LDP was pretty heavy. Still it doesn't prevent this idiot n0ob trying our stupid stunt zapping in between the moving car at the speed of 120kmph at certain stretch. I love the thrills. And gotta be in full concentration too, watch out for some n0ob driver who made sudden lane switching without giving signal or checking out their rear mirror for up and coming n0ob bike rider like me.

Then back onto NKVE again. Overtook almost all moving vehicles, and went up to 150 kmph when I was overtaking a waja on the right most lane. Yeay! I was trying to push further, but decided to give up when at 150kmph, the bike start to vibrate quite significantly. At first I thought it was the simen road on NKVE causes that, but then when I tried the same thing later on the tarmac road, it's still the same. I guess probably it's the tyre. The mechanic did told me that the tyre may have harden a little bit and lost it's elasticity after one year of abandonment. I may need to do alignment for the tyre, but maybe only after I replace it with a new pair of tyre. Not now though.

I am pretty happy with the result of the service and top overhaul. At least it worth the money. The bike is back into shape. Yeah!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Ride

Yeah, I am in office now. The second to arrive in my team. The moment I step into our section,

colleague: Wah! Straymana you are so early today?
straymana: Ya... heehee

I ride bike to work just now. Yeay! It took me about 20 mins from home to office. With today traffic condition, if I were to drive car at the minimal it will take me about 45 mins. And with the patrol at current price, it more economical for me to ride bike. When I used take one year ago, one full tank can sustains me for a week of travelling. Well with car, it's the same too. One full car tank can sustains me for a week. The only "but" is, at current petrol price one full car tank cost me about RM70+, yet my bike full tank will cost me less than RM25.

The ride was pretty smooth, not too much stunt. The traffic was heavy. Those bike that want to take their sweet time sight seeing, this is my message to you - Use the left lane bugger! Don't hog the right lane if you don't intent to go fast.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Adrenaline Jungkie

I didn't realise it until just now. I think to a certain extend, I am an adrenaline junkie. Went to MV for V just now with my colleagues. Not a bad show, but I think the story evolves too slow for me. I fall asleep briefly. At first just close my eyes for few seconds, then another few seconds, then off I went to narcopolis for at least one good minutes I guess. Still I like the idea and the story lines, though I can't really catch some of the humour in it.

Anyway, on my way home I did a few stupid stunts. Zigzag-ing a long Federal Highway, not really those that life threatening kind yet I think it's enough for some of the driver to cuss me. And I am guilty of making another stupid stunt at the entrance of my apartment. I overtook a neighbour within 3 meter range from the left and zapped through right in front of the opening gate. No apologies, yet I am guilty as charged.

Was contemplating riding my bike to work tomorrow while driving just now. The temptation is just too hard to resist, well unless it rains tomorrow morning. I have just send my bike for service and major overhaul a couple of weeks ago, and finally got it back on monday morning. I haven't been riding it for almost one year, and most of the moving parts were rusty and some required replacement. Which all in all cost me a bomb.

My boss will not be happy if he know I start taking bike again, but I just can't help it. I need my adreneline shot urgently. Not much excitement lately. Not much thrill I manage to get from my car, the pickup is just too damn slow. Yet, I hate to up set my boss but I don't know how long can I still hold back. The ride back home one monday fine, and I took the safe and easy route home. It was drizzling and I need to accustom my self to it after one year hiatus. I can't promise I'll able to stop myself from doing some shitty and cuss inviting stunts the next time I ride though. Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 18, 2006


It has been a while since I last updated. Been a lazy asshole these few weeks. Last thursday seems like the most busy day and productive day for me for a long time. There are two main on going projects I have to handle and a third one is gathering steam.

Went back to my hometown last weekend, it was a last minute plan. It was the birthday of our village's temple patron deity, 玄天上帝. It was a three days events. Started on Friday and ended on Sunday. It's has been like almost ten years I didn't go back for this event.

I never miss it when I was still back in my hometown. I was trying to get a train ticket on friday, and hoping to be able to get a place and be back in my hometown on Saturday morning. Only problem is I didn't realize it was a school holiday. All the ticket has been snaps up. Only then did my brother told me another second cousin is driving back too. I gave him a call and after work he came a pick me up. We pickup up his sister along the way, and leave KL at about 9:30pm.

We stopped to refuel at a petrol station near Kuala Lipis at about 11pm, and from there on I took over driving the car from him all the way till we reach my grandma house at about 3:30am. Been a long time since I travel long journey at such odd hours. When we passed by some restaurants which are serving the bus passengers, it reminded me of the time when I was still studying in univ, and journey to and back during the semester break and opening. The bus will always stop at those restaurants whose main customer are the bus passenger. Most of the time, the aircon in the bus was freezing cold, and I hated it because I can't stand cold.

The next morning (Saturday) I was wide awoke at 7:00am. Get ready to go to the temple. "Cross-bridge" ritual were to be taken place at about 8:30am. When I arrive at the temple, there was another ritual still ongoing and almost come to an end. I almost forget about this ritual. It's the ritual of welcoming Jade Emperor God into the temple. It is carried out in the wee hour in the morning, starting at around 3-5 am.
Normally this welcoming ritual is followed by the "dot-the-eye" ritual.

"Dot-the-eye" ritual is the process of infusing the deity spirits into a new deity statue. During my teenage years, this is one of the most exciting event. Normally after the medium "Dot-the-eye" of a deity statue, we will "test-drive" it by putting in on the palanquin, or kieo (in hokkien). Some skeptics do not belief in existence of deity. There was a year, a group of this skeptics were present during this ritual. Four of them carry "Na cha" deity which has just been "dot-the-eye" and try to prevent the palanquin from moving.

They did somehow manage persist and hold on to one spot, but I could see they were sweating fighting to prevent the palanquin from moving. Also I did note the audible squeak came out from the significant amount of friction between the wooden parts of the palanquin.

Anyway, I did had a good round of carrying the palanquin this time round. It's sort of release and smoothen the flow of "zhi" in my body. It's tiring, yet a relaxing feeling once the tiredness subside. Also manage to busy-body in a few of the ritual and chanting some mantra that I have almost forgotten. Meet a couple of long lost childhood friends too. All in all it was a good trip home.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Watching Bulletin 3 on TV just now with short clip of police came out from a court remind me of what happened last night. Err.. actually this morning. Few colleagues and me was just finnished our "karaoke" session. Maybe not exactly a karaoke after all, at least most of the people go there not for karaoke I guess. Anyway, we were sending one of the hostess back home after the karaoke session.

On the way, there was a police road block. The driver was drunk, or at least will surely failed the alcohol test. In total we gulp down 3 bottles of Black Label and a jug of beer. I am not sure if it's the black label or the mix of beer with the Black Label, I seldom have a hangover. But this morning, I woke up with a big pang on my head. Blardy hang over, what more I still have to go to work, alas not so early. Arrive 10:30 am in office.

Anyway the road block. We only noticed about the block when we were about less than 50 meters away. The driver decide to stop the car by the road side. There's another car infront of us, I guess trying to avoid the block too. After a minutes of thinking and deciding, I volunteer to drive. I didn't take that much alcohol.
I am pretty sure, I was still sober. Just a little bit high maybe, because I gulped down 3/4 of the remaining piss drink in one go before we left.

So there I was, reversed the car and move forward directly into the mouth of tiger. Maybe I was drunk after all. Any sober chap would have knew that the police would had surely saw us and will not let us go easily. And sure enough, we were stopped. I got down from the car. Steadily walked toward the police officer who stopped us, alone. The rest remained in the car.

It went something like this ( not exactly though, I can't remember the exact conversation )

POL1: You know you have just make a big offence?
Mana: I don't know. What is my I did wrong?
POL1: You are running away from ploice block. Do you know that it is a very big serious offend to run away from police road block?
Mana: What the fuck? I am running away, how come I don't know? Is this my body double standing infront of you here?
Of course I didn't say that :P, this is what I said.
Mana: I try to run away from you? If I run away from you I guess I won't be here right now.
POL1: Don't talk so much. Give me you license and I/C.
Mana took out ic and lincense, and pass to police officer politely
POL1: Where are you staying?
POL1: Where are you heading to now?
Mana: Cheras, sending my friend home.
POL1: Nah... blow this.
Mana: puh... puh...
POL1: Blow harder please.
Man: ppuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh........
POL1: You drink?
Mana: Yes sir, I drank. What's my reading?
POL1: 30% *writting my name, and particular on a form and the reading too*
Mana: Did I exceed the allowable limit?
POL1: Why are you trying to run away from us?
Mana: We didn't. My friend feels like puking, I have to stop the car so that he doesn't puke in the car. May I know what is the allowable limit on the alcohol? Did I exceed it?
POL1: You think I am stupid? Trying to run away from police is a very serious offence. Whatever it is you want to know, you ask in balai later.
Mana: What is my offence? If I were to run away, I guess I won't be here right now. I told you I had to stopped the car by the roadside because one of my friend felt like puking.
POL1: You must be kidding. Only infront of police roadblock your friend wanted to puke. What a co-incident. You think I am stupid?
Mana: No sir. Sorry Sir. I know this is your words against mine, and there nothing else I can say if you keep insisting on that. So now, tell me what should I do? Anything I can do?
This moment, the previous driver came out from the car
Driver: What is happening here? I am sorry, I can't speak Malay. How should I address you, err... Encik?.. Ooh.. oh... Tu.. Tuan. Yes Tuan! What is our offense?
POL1 pass my license and IC to another police officer, seems like he pretty pissed off and can't handle us anymore.
Mana: Bang, may I know what is our offense?
POL2: You drink?
Mana: Yes, I drank. But not so much? What is the allowable limit?
Driver: Tuan, my friend didn't drink a lot. We are drunk, I called him to come and pick us up! Because we can't drive, that's why he is driving.
POL2: huh...
Mana: Tell me is there anything I can do?
No response.
Driver: What is our offense? try to talk in his broken malay
POL1: You try to run away from us.
Mana: If we were, we wouldn't be here now would us? explaining to second officer
POL1: Oh... just now don't know Malay. Now you know how to speak malay! even more pissed
Driver: I know a little bit.
Driver: Can you tell me what is our offense? If we really broke the law, please bring us back to balai... putting his hand infront together, chellenging the police office to cuff him. This guy is really drunk, and I was getting worried
POL1: Woi... you don't try to Lansi here with me....
Mana: Sir, what you want us to do now?
POL2: Nvm... you may go.
Mana: Thank you sir.
The turn to POL1, trying to say thank you too... and tap him on his shoulder
POL1: Woi.. you don't need to pretend to be good. Don't need to touch me!

Hahaahaa..... I was starting to laugh in my heart already... and walking away. The Driver cannot help but letting a sly smile on his face and trying to control laughing out loud. The moment we got into the car. Both of us start to laugh! Hahaahaa.... This is really our lucky day. I guess they don't really have any concrete proof to charge us.

Ya... That Dirty-Old-Man was with us too. But all the time he just remain in the car. Only another consultant from the red-dot-under came down to pass me some cash just in case. What happen before that? Well, what should happen in karaoke that provides you with a companion?

The DOM with his antics again, with all the octopus hands. These group of GRO is not as daring as the one DOM brought me when I was down there at the red-dot. All are local, my companion told me mainland ones gone in 2004 when police start to big crack down on them. So now, only locals are around. Hmmm.. guess it's enough for this post. Will give more details in later post, if have any request and if my mood in good.