Monday, May 12, 2008

Can I Strike That Big Ass Jackpot Already?

Why can now not be the bestest time to fall sick?

'D gotta whole day farking important big ass clarification meeting with customer tomorrow.

'D gotta prepare a simple technical diagram for tomorrow meeting, yet nasty virus is so fucking up my brain and it's like so cloudy.... I am floating... smoky... eh was that an eagle just fly pass me just now? or was it a flying fish? bleh...

'D gotta fly to Islamabad again the day after tomorrow for another clarification meeting. I am like gonna beginning to hate flying.

Can the timing be any better than this? Should I just go and buy a lottery now already? How much has the that big ass Mega TOTO 6/52 prize accumulated already?
For the farker who blardy honked me like you are rushing to go home to shit out that bloody puss filled watery shit of yours from that Grade IV Prolapsed hemorrhoids anus of yours at the NPE Touch'NGo tol both just now I have this to say.

Sorry, I thought being sort of like under the weather from the sore throat and having my brain generously occupied and used as recreational pool for the virus to have fun, gave me the right to not have a steady mind and hand to flash my Touch 'N Go card onto the reader. I never thought there can be anyone who could suffer more than me and so co-incidently have to be in the same lane as me and not to have the good luck to be tailing behind me. I know in that fucking wonderful woeful condition, you wouldn't be interested to know that it wasn't my fault that the card reader responded slower and less urgent than that bloody shit of you which had and will always be rushing to come out, I thought I should just like to let you know.

Also sorry for, in that state of mind, it took me too long to decide if I should show my great remorse to you with my awesome Universal Middle Finger sign of regret, that in the end I decided not to.

Last but not least, may you go down the history as the first person to finally gave the medical community reason solid enough without a reasonable doubt that Grade IX Prolapsed hemorrhoids does exist, and awesomely the be the only human to achieve that throughout this humankind entire existence. Godspeed!