Monday, February 27, 2006

Forget Full Ness

I overslept this morning. When I woke up, it's already well passed 9 o'clock (it feels like kinda funny to type o'clock here, I think I have never use this word for ages.) In the old office, I woudn't have worried. In this new office, I think it's not really good to be too late. Too many eyes peer at me if I were to go in late. Yet, that's what exactly happen this morning.

When I walk out from my apartment, I felt something amiss. I must be forgetting something, but I just couldn't figure out what had I missed. That was until during lunch time, and I went toilet for a leaks. Then I notice I forget to wear belt. bleh.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Those are the Not-so-innocent and Carefree days

My afinity toward a Memes is pretty weaks. Some are fun to read, and maybe write. The propagating part is the one that really the turn-off for me, which somehow has to be blamed on the chain letters in which it's propagation method is similar way. Those chain latters that in the end asked you to send it to certain number of people or otherwise certain bad luck will befall upon you is the eat shit part.

Anyway, since somehow I managed to make Siao Cha Bor begs me when she asked to plug me into her meme, so I will pretend like I've got no choice but do it. Actually I have to thank her asking me to do this, it brings some fongs memories of those innocent not-so-innocent and carefree years.

1. Name one of the actor of the old days that you missed most
  • Cunt think of any.
2. Name a cartoon of the old days
  • Mikey Mouse (who can forget that).. M.. O.. U.. K.. Eee.. Y... M. O. U. S. E.
  • Scooby Doo... Eaawoo..
  • Road Runners... peet peet... Oh that cayote (it is cayote?) that never learn and indestructible even after being bomb with dynamite
  • Popeye the Sailor man... Pon Pon...
  • Tenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
  • Tom & Jerry.... I tot I saw a puuttyy cat...
Did the question said a cartoon? So what knn, this is my blog I can put as many as I want. :P

3. Name a singer/group of the old days
  • Wings (Malay group)
  • Search (Isabella)
  • Sheila Majid. Still remember her first popular song - Pengemis Muda.
  • Gersang. The group that brought Man Bai, of the Kau Ilham Ku fame.
  • HeadWind. Seha and Zainal Abidin - of the Hijau fame, back then Zainal was the vocal in the group
Yeah, those are the days when I still didn't learn to discriminate against local singers and bands (which was a good thing) and when I was still having a very weak grasp on English language.
  • 王杰(Wang, Chieh Dave). Yeah those sad songs
  • Chyichin (齐秦)
  • Roxxette
  • Modern Talking. Their disco songs are the pwn, and timeless.
  • Belinda Carlie (Heaven Is A Place On Earth)
  • Boy George
  • Micheal Jakson. Poor fella to have such a manipulative adult around him and to have such a fate turn against him
  • Cindy Lauper
  • Wilson Philips
4. Band of the old days
  • Air Supply
  • Wham!
  • Pet Shop Boys
  • Bad English (When I See You Smile)
Some already mentioned in the previous answer.

5. TV series of the old day
  • Man from atlantis
  • Eight is Enough
  • Growing Pains
  • Chips (the two traffic policemen on the bike)
  • The A-Team (Mr. T)
  • Who's The Boss (of course it's for the cute Allysa Millano)
  • Doogie Howser M.D.
  • Wonders Years.
These series were sometimes interjected with some educational and community service reminder. Like do not waste electricity by ironing your handkercief and undies. And the how to use gas stove properly. Always remember the part on how to detect the leaks on the rubber host from the gas tank to the stove. Don't use matches to detact it, use the bubble from the soap.
  • Wrestling & Gusti. Not exactly a TV series, just reminded me of those days when I used to sit on my grandma lap while she watch one of this show. Boy! Sometimes she would get excited and I was almost thrown off her from her laps. It's kind of funny and sweet recalling this.
6. Actress of the old day
  • Brooke Shields
7. Fashion of Old days that you miss the most
  • Sorry... too young to have fashion sense... Heck! even now I have no fashion sense.
8. Movie of old days
  • Drunken Master (well basically most of Jackie Chan earlier movies)
  • King Kong (first movie I watched in cinema big TV)
  • Happy Ghost (the chinese ghost movies)
  • Casper (the friendly ghost)
9. Music Video of old days
  • Cunt recall any of significant. Oh... maybe the Pengemis Muda video clip by Sheila Majid.
10. Coolest song of old days
  • Haven't learn about cools factor back then.

Now the part which I hate. Since I hate it enough, I will not propagate it. So sue me! Here by I declares this blog to be Memes Black Hole. All memes that come into this event horizon zone will never able to get out again, at least not by yours truly.

But since there is another theory that says and might proves that Black Hole isn't that all black after all. So if you are in the same school of thought, you may actually take any memes here on your own volation. All you need to do it just leave a remark in the comment box that you have taken the meme. Thanks!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Ego Thicker than Blood

Is there any more perfect excuse to say stupid thing than being fucked up by alcohol? Just came back from drinking. Four of us and downed one botol of chivas and 2 jugs of beer. The last glass of the beer was awful. I am more of a liqour guy. I am drunk.

Was pretty fucked up proud when one of the colleague was commenting that my tolerance to alcohol is getting higher noadays, stupid fuck shit. Damn blardy ego was playing trick on me, even though I try to admit I was fuckup drunk.

Anyway at least I am drunk, and still can drive my car back home. On the way back saw two blardy idiots who's ego were much more thicker than their blood, and prolly they think it's so think that it can protect their skull. Driving bike without helmet is fucked up stupid idiot.

Monday, February 06, 2006

CNY 2006 Perhentian Trip - Day 1

On 2nd day of first lunar month, did the traditional ancestral worship ritual at home. My dad is the eldest male sibling, so he is the keeper of the ancestors altar, grandma, aunty and cousins came over for the prayer. Together we took an early lunch and head to my grandma house (actually my uncle house) to gather before headed off to Kuala Besut. There was only one boat to carry us to the island, so we had decided to go in two groups to Kuala Besut. Me on the second group.

To leave the house was a bit tricky, or should I say sad :( My grandma is suffering from Alzheimer, and we could not bring her along because neither of her favourite sons want to join us. If either one of these uncle not present when we are at the island, she will surely keep asking about these two uncles, and will pester us to bring her home. We didn't manage to persuade either one of them to join us. So got to leave grandma behind with the third uncle at home. Aunt brought her to kitchen when we were to leave so that she won't be asking to follow us. It pretty sad to see that we have to treat her like a small child now, just like how she took care of us when we were small. *make mental note to dedicate at least one post to her, and another one to my late grandpa too*

Anyway despite waiting for like half an hour after the first group departed only did we departed, the first group was still at the jetty when we arrived. That means we had to wait for another hour for the boat to come back to pick us up. As it turned out, we had to wait for almost one hour and a half. We just lepak at the jetty. bleh.

The weather was good, and the boatman was speeding the boat to caused it to jump on the surface of the water like a horse. I tried to snap a couple of photo but couldn't get myself steady enough and gave up.

We were welcome to the island with blue water and clear sky. We wait no time to check into our room and after having some dumpling that we brought along, change into swim suits. Yeah, we prepare the dumpling on the first day CNY just for this. I managed to show off my noob dumpling wrapping skill to few cousin who "challenged" me to show it to them. Yeay! But then they complaint that I put too much rice, and try to mark the ones that I wrapped so that they will not pick it later. bleh.

Anyway, back to the island. Brought the kiddo to the beach and took a dip into the water. It's time for me to get accustom to the water too, gotta be prepared for the dive tomorrow.

While playing in the water, I had a freak accident. Cut my toes when I tried to stand up and didn't notice there is a big hard coral just below me. The wound was like 5mm deep on the second last toe and the last toe was just skin deep. My toe went numb the moment the coral sliced through it, and I had a feeling that it's a pretty deep cut. Got out from the water but and try to take a look at the cut, but the blood was flowing out and covered both toes. Walked back to the edge of the water to wash away the blood, but the moment I pour water onto it the blood just spurt out again. No point. So I just walked back to the chalet, leaving the rest behind and warned them about the corals and to be careful.

By the time I reached the chalet, the cut was covered in sand which stucked to the wound. Ask if anyone have handyplus, and my aunt went to look for one. In the mean time another cousin said he thought he saw "kapal terbang" scrub somewhere around. This scrub is used as traditional remedy for cut and wound. He went to look for the scrub and got some for me. I wash the wounds with water and crushed the leave with both of my palm then pressed and drip the extracted juice on the wounds. Then my aunt brought me some tisue to dry the blood and handplus to cover the wound. The blood still flowing but at a slower pace. Darn!

Ouch! Just cut a little deeper one chunk of my toe flesh will come off.
Just hope this wound wouldn't get into the way of my dive tomorrow. The pain had not set in yet, my toe were still numb. Normally I'll not wrapped this kind of wound with handyplus, I'll just let it dry and heal just like that. But to avoid any complication during the dive tomorrow, I went against my normal way. Wrapped it up with the handyplus, will take the plaster out after the last dive tomorrow.

Just sit there and waited there till the dinner time. So happen that the restaurant the we are having dinner is facing west, and we manage to see the nice sunset during the dinner. Continue to take in the view of the nice color on the sky during dusk and then went back to room to clean up (ya I didn't take bath since the time I went down for the bath that cut my toes ^_^) and time to unwind and sleep. :-)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

CNY 2006 Perhentian Trip - Day 2

Had a pretty good sleep, and woke up around 6am. By far I think this is the most decent vacation I ever have. Mean have enough rest and no rushing for activities, all done in slow pace and zero stressed.

The first diving to start at 9am. Still plenty of time to take a stroll on the beach. Heard the noises from the kiddo outside and downstairs. They are getting ready to take a stroll on the beach too. By the time I was ready to go, they were already all gone.

Picked up camera, and headed bare footed toward the beach. I was sure to find them somewhere ahead. Just walked at my own pace, and taking in the nice morning scenery. The weather is good, sky blue with scattered clouds.

Managed to catch up with them after 15 mins. Walked to the other part of the beaches, and back to restaurant to have our breakfast at almost 8. Once done with the breakfast, another cousin and me get our gear for the dive after the breakfast, while the rest of the kiddo and cousins/brother/sister get ready for their snorkeling trip.

After checking our gears and geared up, we were briefed on our first dive by dive master Sebastian. There were 7 of us, including the dive master and his assitant, Su. Sugar Wreck is a site with sunken cargo ship. We were told the cargo ship, carrying sugar - thus the name Sugar Wreck, sunk four years ago. It took about 20mins by boat to the site from our island. This was my first dive after almost 2 years, so it take sometime to get used too.

Luckily there isn't any current, but still the visibility was just around 2-3 meters at the most. Not so good, but it's expected. Technically it's still a monsoon season.

descend to the sea floor - mostly sand - at the depth of around 15 meters and saw the ship lying on it's side. Then we swim around the ship out a little bit toward some metal platform lying on the sand. Saw fishes swarm around, and a couple of cuttle fish (like squid, a bigger cousin) around one meter in length. Saw lion fish resting on the sand beside the metal platform.

Then we headed back to ship, and swim around it. Then we swim into the ship from the big hole on top of it. It's a little dark inside the body of the ship. By that time, I notice my air was almost 50 bars, which was low and signal low-on-air to the dive master. It seems that, I was still trying to get to used to breathing through the mouth. I think I suck in too much air. We swim out from the ship and start the ascending procedure, the 5m 3 mins decompression stop on top of the ship. All in all, it's a pretty good dive.

Everyone got onboard the small boat and we headed back to the island. On the way back we saw a couple of "ikan parang" jump out of water and race beside our boat.

The next dive will be at 12pm. We have about 1 hour and a half to rest before the next dive. Went back to the chalet and looking for something to fill our hungry stomach. My aunt took out last two rice dumpling, and we had it. Actually, my aunt and cousin prepare the dumpling on the first day of CNY for this trip. Then we took some mandarin oranges and head out the benches under the coconut shade. Lied down on the bench and when I was just about to fell asleep, my cousin told me it's time to go for second dive. Bleh!

The next dive site is the D'Lagoon. A 5 mins boat trip from our island. Current almost zero, visibility is about 5-6 meter and maximum depth was around 10 meters, if my memory still serve me fine (which I doubt so). Lot's of coral. Saw box fish, nemo (clown fish), and a school of hum headfish. This time around, I have gotten used to being underwater, and manage to still have about 100 bar by the time we surface. Yay!

Head back to our island and have our lunch. Everyone just done with their lunch when we arrived at the restaurant. My aunt kept some of the dishes for us. The snorkeling gang was already had their lunch too. They must have came back earlier than us. Heard a funny story from them. One of my cousin, the one who is huge, jump down from the boat with float with him and cause quite a panics scene when he disappear because it took too long for him to resurface. Most probably because of his weight, we had a good laugh.

Then the last dive for this trip for us, at 3 pm, to Teluk Dalam. Nothing much to see at that site, just some hard corrals and the common fishes. bleh. After the dive, washed our gears and head back to chalet. Most of the gang were sitting and relaxing under the coconut shade. The the kiddo and other cousin headed down to the water again. I didn't join them. Pick up a camera and take snap shot for the them and sceneries until dusk and then had our dinner. All in all its a good day.

Friday, February 03, 2006

CNY 2006 Perhentian Trip - Day 3

I am not sure if it's a good thing or not. The first two days, the weather was good and on the last day of the Perhentian trip (photos here), the weather suddenly turn bad. Not familiar with the weather system in the island, we are not aware that the weather is in a pretty bad shape. We did noticed that the water condition is choppy than two days before.

I slept early the night before (the second night), like the first night. Not really that tired. Just don't feel like joining my brother and cousins for the card game in the room next door. I just lied on the bed and in no time fell asleep. It has been quite a while since I last slept earlier than 10pm, not counting when I was not well.

I woke up around 4 am on the third day morning. Tried to sleep again, but failed. That was I has to pay for sleeping so early. After restlessly rolling on the bed for like 15 mins and still failed to sleep, I picked up a novel and read it. Manage to finnish like one chapter before I started to feel drowsy again, and get back to sleep. When I woke up again the next time, there was already some light shining through the gap on the wooden wall of the room.

The noise made by the my nephews and small cousins told me that it's about time I got up and went and get the breakfast. In half and hour time, everyone had gathered at the restaurant. Yay... all 32 of us, four families.

I meet one of my junior during the university days there. He is operating a tour guide business and so happen to bring a group of clients who were staying in the same chalet as us. He told me the place was just open a couple of days ago, so they are not so well prepared. Only one cook was there, the rest of the helpers in the kitchen were actually the housekeepers and even the carpenter too, lol.

Naturally there were some glitches, in food preparation and service. We were given short of 4 sets of breakfast. One of the "waiter" they had ran out of egg. Fine, we asked to replace it with fried noodle or other thing. Another waitress came out and told us it's not possible. Only give us some toast with butter and jam. After ding-ding-dong-dong, we had no mood to argue with them anymore. Just let it be. Seems like this bad service is a first sign of the worse thing yet to be unfold later. After everyone was done, everyone went back to the rooms and some getting ready to go into the water for the last time before we packed and go back, supposing at 12pm.

By almost 10am we were informed to pack up early, because the weather was not good. We would have to leave before 12pm and gotta have lunch at 10:30am. The first boat will come at 11:00am. The kids will go first. By 11:00am we finished the lunch and the first group got up the boat and left for Besut. The same boat will come back for us by around 12:00pm.

It was around 1pm when we started to sense something was amiss. Saw a few boats on the horizon. Everytime we though that's boat and only to be disappointed when those were not the boat that we were waiting for. We asked the helper of the chalet. Everytime we posted that question to her, she will give the standard answer that the boat had left K. Besut jetty for like half an hour ago.

By 2pm and the boat still not in sight. My cousin supposed to take a flight back to KL in the evening. If the boat was too late, he might miss the flight. We start to get anxious, yet the helper and the boss kept telling us the boat would be there anytime soon. We were very sure they were keeping something from us.

True enough, later on we found out that the boat developed some problem when it was about to reach the jetty in K. Besut while sending our first group. Luckily they manage to arrive safely to the jetty despite the problem. I heard from them that the sea was rough, very rough; and the boat steering malfunctioned. That forced the boat operator to manually steer the boat to jetty.

This wasn't made known to us, who were waiting in the island. My uncle, who's son suppose to take the flight back to KL, called the boss like so many times and kept getting the same standard answer. He went as far as promise to return the money to us. Gave all a the promise and excuses he could managed came out with, but the truth. The boat that he told us has been arranged to pick up, finally turned up. Everyone was so relieved, picked up the luggage and head toward the boat. Before we even manage to arrive at the makeshift jetty, the boat left. Again we got stranded. The worst thing was the boat left without any explanation. We turned to the chalet helper, and asked her what's going on. Even she was speechless.

We got even more anxious. It seems like the replacement boat was having a problem too. It seems to me, the boat didn't start it's engine. It just slowly drifted to another island.

By almost 3 pm, a passenger boat (doesn't belong to the tour guide that we were dealing with) were seen dropping off some passengers at the island. The chalet helper was running toward the boat trying to get him to send us back. By that time, it has rained a couple of times, and made us even more worried. The driver wasn't so willing to bring us back because according to him the sea was very rough. Luckily after some "negotiation" done by the helper, the boat driver reluctantly agreed to bring us back to K. Besut.

Everyone board the boat with relief, but no less anxious. The weather doesn't seem to get any better. Though the rain has stopped, still we are no less worry. I could already sense the condition of the sea was very rough right after the boat left the vicinity of the shore. Suddenly the boat come to a halt. Everyone was like, shit... in the middle of sea. Oh no... Don't tell us the boat was having problem too.

It turn out the boat driver need to have leak. Everyone sigh with a relief and worried smile.

The journey back to the jetty was very "exciting". The water was very rough, in certain part the wave was like almost one meter high, and the boat were free falling and smashed into the water. At least couples of times, the driver has to complete halt the boat to avoid the boat from tip over on it's side.

Along the way, I keep praying and asked for blessing from the deities from our village's temple. Somehow it helps me to keep me calm and steady throughout the "exciting" journey. Yah, only remember the deities in times of trouble and never thanks them enough during good times. I am bad. Actually that day was the fourth day in lunar calendar, and our village temple was having "homecoming" ritual welcoming the deities back from heaven (yah... they went back to heaven to celebrate CNY with Jade Emperor - that what I am told).

I seldom miss this event, and my dad never miss it. Actually he is one of the committee member of the temple. One who is responsible in making sure all the preparation was done properly. Because of that, at first he didn't want to join the trip to the island with us. But after some nagging from my cousins and aunts, and because my mom will not want to join us if he doesn't join us too, he relented and ask other committee member if it's okay if he gave it a pass this year. They agreed, and instruction was given by him to a chap who to take over, and it's good to have a backup too.

Enough of the digression, at least for now. Back to the "joyride".

The most dangerous part was at the river mouth, because the wave and current there were the strongest. If wasn't being handled properly, the boat can be hit hard by the wave and turn turtle and capsize. Luckily the boat driver is quite experience. The moment we arrived at the river mouth, he halted the boat, and waited for the wave to travel passed our stagnant boat. The moment the wave passed and before another wave develop, he hit hard on the accelerator and zoomed the boat pass that dangerous zone and sailed into the calm river. Finally we reached the jetty safe and sound. My sister and cousin sister complaint that their hands were numb from holding to the railing of the boat very tightly throughout the almost one hour "joyride". lol.

I guess that's the risk we should have been aware of when we decided to go there during this time of the year. Yet, the tour operator too can do better with their customer handling skill. Instead of keeping the problem to themselves and lying to us, they should be honest and tell us the real situation.

We stopped by the temple, and the rituals had just finished when we arrived at the temple. After helping to clean up a little bit, I lighted some joss stick and said my thanks to the deities.

One of the elder (he is well known for his "kan cheog"-ness) complaint about my dad absence. It seems one of the preparation was not carried out properly by the chap who stand-in for my dad. My dad left instruction for him to get "pulut kuning" and "ayam panggang" ready for a ritual in the morning.

Obviously he'd screwed up on that part, and this elder was not happy with that and take the opportunity to take a snide at my dad. I think my dad doesn't really give a damn to his snide, anyway it's a good experience for the chap too. No one will ever willing to take this thankless responsible if my dad was there anyway, so his absent sort of "force" the younger generation to start to pick it up somewhere. From my uncle who didn't join us on the island trip, I also gathered that there was a big hoohaa among the villagers in the morning that my dad was absent from the temple. A typical "behavior" of the villagers. bleh!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

CNY 2006 in Pulau Perhentian

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Just a quick update on my trip to Pulau Perhentian, before I am off to another family dinner in a short while.

Generally the trip was good and fun (yay!), except for the returning journey just now (bleh!).

More details update of the trip later, and photo even more later until I am back to KL. The dial-up speed I have right here right now will be a crawl if I were to upload the photos. Well, maybe one or two nice one *grin*