Thursday, April 10, 2008

Should I laugh or cry?

Initially I has decided to not to put up this post which I already done halfway through before leaving office just now. What make me just change my mind? I still think it's darn annoying, but now I think it's annoying and amusing that today, 3 persons really think I am very *ehem* BlarDy Smart!

--- 0o0 ---

This morning, while I was happily lepaking and surfing p0rn doing my work in my small cubicle, in come a ym message from one of the project managers,

PM: hi straymana
PM: check with u ..
Straymana: yes?
PM: are we able to embed some options but disable it ?
Straymana: Err... what is the options you are talking about?

I know I'm *ehem* smart (another inch of skin just grow on my face), but smart is one thing, the ability to read other mind has got nothing to do with smart, yes? The last I check, the ability to read other ppl mind falls under ESP or sixth-sense, nothing to do with smart.

Throw me a question out of the blue, without the cutesy to furnish me with some background info to put me in perspective. How am I not pissed? Is it so blardy damn hard to at least give me some background info before you pop me with the bonanza question?

Okie... so, as usual I have to interrogate her to understand the whole background around the question she threw. So, after the interrogation, I got the context. Yet what followed make me pissed for the second time this morning, but that's another story and I'll just leave it as it is.

--- 0o0 ---

When I clouds dispersed away, and the birdies start to chirping away with sweet melody... Then out of the blue came another bonanza question in my ym.

Mr. 200 : ask u ... for (customer xxx)
Mr. 200: if i vpn in and enter the url http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8080/blablabla.action from IE, should i get a response?

WTF? There are more than 1 application we deployed for customer xxx ok! Can you at least tell me which particular application does this question relates to?

--- 0o0 ---

Then just now... where it's start to turning into something amusing... also out of the blue...

Ms. Amusing: do u face this pbm b4?
Ms. Amusing: when open like hang..need to take some time like 1 min, then onli got feedback :D
Straymana: open what?
Ms. Amusing: open my IE la

Now, I don't know if I should laugh or cry anymore... these people really think I am super duper smart that I can read their mind. Muuuaaahahahhahaahaaaa...... *isk* *isk* *isk*...


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sixth Sense?

I was out on errant with one of the colleague Friday morning. He was supposed to settle something in SS2, and I tagged along snaking.

Not too entirely sure what we were talking about in the car, but for sure we ended up forgotten to make the U-turn at the traffic-light. Well, it's an illegal U-turn, but that's what we and other occupant of the building where our office are doing. That's the shortest way out. It again proven that man can't multi task, we can only do one thing at any given time.

By the time we realized we had missed the U-turn, we decided to take another longer route and possibly the traffic could be heavy along this route. Just as we came out from Seputeh and converged with the main road near the, I noticed the traffic was heavy and moving along bumper to bumper.

We ought to switch to right or middle lane on that three lane road. The first left lane which we were on is the public bus and taxi lane. This is were things started to get pretty interesting.

Mana: "You are suppose to switch to the right lane."
Colleague: "Yes, but there are so many cars. It's okie one lar. It's alright to be on this lane."
Mana: "No, no, switch lane please. There could be police in front."

He turned on the right signal and as usual the cars on the right lane wasn't giving ways. I told him to slow down further and try to switch lane, and told there could be police in front at this hours of the day.

I hate it when people gives me instruction or unsolicited advice on what to do or not to do when I am driving. For that reason, I don't normally admonish do that to other people, even if they are breaking the rules. But I just couldn't helped it this time. My hunch was just too strong for me to ignore and even to break my own rule of not giving unsolicited advice. Within that few seconds period, I incessantly pestering him to switch lane. I was like kept switch lane, switch lane, switch lane... yada-yada-yada and he kept ignoring me.

Then just as we took a corner, there they were! This was one of the moments where I would be more glad to be wrong. He switched lane, but it's too late. The policemen already noticed the car and made signal for him to slowdown and moved to the side of the road. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. I had a smile on my face, though and can't help but spurted out that golden mantra "Shit! See, I told you already!"

We stopped by the side of the road, and told the policeman we just came out from Seputeh and tried to switch lane, but unable to because the cars on the right lane wouldn't let us.

The policeman bought our explanation, and let us go. Both of us have a sigh of relief, got back on the road and head toward our destination. He said he guess the policeman bought our explanation probably due to the way he dress, a business shirt with cuff link, and also the car's right signal was actually on. I think I have to agree with him on that. Some people do judge you by the way you look.