Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wut's A Man Want?

How would it feels when you are a girl with a well endowed figure, exposing most part of you skin while carry out the movement best as you know how, and yet a bunch of men on the floor are more interested in playing the silly jokes with themselves?

How would it felt when you have tried your best to establish the rapport and eyes contacts with the audiences, which is mark different from the in house entertainer who for most good part of the time either staring blankly at the three big screen on left walls, or head down admiring the floor, and yet the bunch of the males species are more interested in boozing and playing practical joke on each other?

Being shouted to change your panties (more like a short to me) in mandarin repeatedly because you are trying to bring back the retro looks of sixties / fifties wouldn't be a pleasant experience too, that is if you could make out what an Indian being coached by the chineses to shout those words-which-were-thought-as-funny.

You would have thought the male species is such a simple and straight forward kind, and yet could this experience make you think what exactly they want? :P

Hope the claps at the end of each of your redentions, could at the very least reduce "disturbed" feeling that you could possibly have.

If you haven't notice, I am currently under the influent of alchie... what a good excuse to ramble mindlessly :P

Monday, February 26, 2007

This is a post!

I guess it's still not too late to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! bleh.... *back to hibernation mode* :P

Friday, February 02, 2007

What short code you use?

Just setup my laptop one the small round table which was shared with two other teammates, and putting on a almost full blast ear phone, playing the mp3 from my laptop to drown out the noise from the server room cooling system which was just right next to our table. Well, actually doesn't matter where you sit in the room, the noise is just the same. The noise remind me of time when it rains heavily when I was very young and still stay with my parent, back in hometown. It's like the rapid rain drops hitting on the roof.

Anyway so while I was just start my task, comes a few engineers from I don't know where, could possibly be from our partner, the main contractor for this project. Or they could be another vendor/sub contractor like us. From their motion and body language, I could see they are trying to ask something from another of my teammates, who sit opposite me.

From his face expression and their body language, I roughly guess that thing wasn't that nice, but I couldn't be bothered. Let my teammates handled them first. The discussion, or whatever thing seems to heat up in just a few seconds. This can't be good, and the moment my teammate pointing to me, I took off my ear plug ear phone, to find out what's going on. I can see my teammate was pretty agitated, and the stranger pretty work up.

Communication among people from different cultural and geo-political background is always not easy. Don't know what to expect. So after I took off my ear phone, found out that the stranger was trying to ask us some technical question. This was the first time we see them in the server room. So they could be new, but the way they talk and ask question is a bit rude, and stupid (sorry... I can't help it.)

Obviously they are trying to setup up another system, which uses the same infrastructure as us. They ask us how do we configure the SMS Short Code for our system, because they need to set the parameter in their system, and clueless on how to go about doing it. I explained to them, our system is different from their system even though we use the same infrastructure for the sms.

In layman term, it's like they are trying to figure out where to put their sink in their house and come knocking at our house, and ask us where did we put our kitchen sink and the house plan and design of our house is completely different from their house. The only common thing is both the sink in our house and their house are connected to water pipe, supply by the same water work department.

Can you imagine that? Hello... both our houses plan and design are completely different. If you super impose the kitchen sink of our house to your house, you could end up install kitchen sink in your master bedroom!!! duh! And next time, when you need a favor or help please ask nicely, instead of acting like ah long asking us to pay back the three months long overdue loan.

If you show more humility and courtesy even if we have different house plan and design, I could still probably be able to give you some clue on where to look for thing that you are looking for. Distortion doesn't work on me, especially when I don't even know who the fuck are you as you didn't even bother to introduce yourselves.

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