Sunday, November 26, 2006

Differences are to be celebrated

I am procrastinating if I should go to driving range now. The weather is not on my side, in fact it's inducing me to go into a hibernation mode. *resist I must*. The sumptuous lunch prepared by my cousin and auntie which I had at my cousin place was partly to blame too. Yeah... it's all ain't my fault :P

* * *

I think homo sapiens is the most insecure species on planet earth. While this may not be backed by any backed by any scientific/unscientific studies, I think no other animal are capable of having nightmare like human. No other animal have the creativity nor the capacity to create an illusion of perceived threat to themselves.

Despite being blessed with intelligence, most choose not to use it to overcome the self delusional fear on differences. It happen in almost all levels, not just difference in race, though that is the most depressing and hotly debated national issue now.

If there is one who is quick to think that a monogamous society, with single race and single religion is a one-for-all solution for this issue, please look at country like Pakistan. Going through their newspapers during my short stint there, I came to conclusion that without multiple religions which can be conveniently used as a single denomination to induce disunity there are still plenty of other differences which can be harped on.

Why don't we look at the bright side of differences? Why not look at the positive side of it? Oh well, depends on which side you look it from. The political rats ways of manipulating this issues could as well be false positive, at least from their own myopic point of view, in gaining their political millage. But I am talking about the big picture kind of positive here.

Sometimes it's very tempting to conveniently adopting a simplistic view of living in a monogamous environment. There are so much hassles which can be avoided. There are less factors to be considered, for example when you need to organize a meal for the meeting. Yet many times, come to think of it, imagine how boring life must have been to live in place where everyone and everything is so uniform. I think I rather pay for the price of little hassles in order to have a more colorful and fun life.

* * *

OK, me thinks better move my lazy ass off the sofa, and pray head out to the driving range before my weaning resolve fails me *sniff*, again :P

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Plan... what for?

Me for one cannot understand what the brouhaha on the building plans in one of the port town about. Since when does the people in this bolehland require a plan for anything. We are serba-boleh. Plan is only for sissy who are not only have high sense of insecurity about their future. It is also signs of slow witted, and unable to make a lightning speed decision on the spot. Yet of course for some people, they may say this sissy-ness is just a perception.

Just take a look at the transportation system in this bolehland capital. Where on earth can anyone find such a unique light transit system, which specifically tailored to encourage the commuter to not confine themselves within the compound of the rail system when they need to transit from one system to another. Even without a proper plan, we can come out with such a unique feature.

This wander feature is sorely lacking in the rail system in Seoul. Taking the underground subway there, one is not encourage chance upon the view of the city while transit to another. One is more encourage to take the connecting tunnel, fully air-conditioned, to switch to another line, thus losing the chance to take in the sight on hassle-bustle of the city above the ground.

Doesn't our media aware that we bolehland people are so adaptable, so much that we can quickly adapt to change without requiring any plan. Otherwise our smart leader would not have made that change-your-lifestyle call during the steep hike on the oil price.

If this is a shame tactic in the process of educating our politician and council man, maybe our pressman wasn't learning anything from our recent histories. Since when does the this generation of bolehland politikus have any shame? Shame is not a prerequisites to be one. Or have they confused themselves between shame and shy, I wouldn't be surprise they claim they were.

Nasty Cramp

Woke up this morning at 10 something with a nasty cramp on my right calf. Took at least one good minutes to massage the stupid fella to loosen the contraction of the muscle. Whole night (& good half part of the morning) long standing, boozing, and some little dance moves could be the culprits.

Thought of continue incubating for a while longer, but recalled that I was suppose to be a joining a meeting with one of the partner in the afternoon. Drag the stupid right leg to bath room for quick shower and off to office. Half way through, my boss called and said the meeting has brought forward earlier as the partner arrived early. Lucky enough I didn't incubate further.

* * *

Was wasting my time playing with the Gimp one night over the weekend and this is what I've got as a result.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm not drunk

Yeah, I am not drunk. I am just f*cking pissed drunk.

The day began unusually quite this morning. Well, actually that was after I lost my cools. The product development girl came to me to report a problem with one of our demo system. As I was busy with my own work, I asked her to get an assistant from one of my team member who was handling the system.

As usual, the guy was too cooperative, and leave her no choice but getting back to me. I summon the guy to my cubicle, and all I heard was excuses on why he can't help. I was bloody pissed, as this was not the first time I hear this kind of excuses. I never done this before! I have other urgent thing to do! I have ceaseless told them many times that, although the task is divided between members, it doesn't mean that you don't have to know what you other team members are doing. For one reason or another, it bound to happen that one of your colleague my be absent. I told them many many times, in this situation you will have to back your absent colleague up, and further the system is not developed in isolation. Each modules are interdependent. You gotta know what other modules is and how it behave.

Yet all I heard was, "I've never done this before!" This pissed me off and I lost my cools. I raised my voice and the whole room could hear and know that I was freaking pissed. "I had never seen even a single line of your codes and yet when the Vice President of Marketing was asking me to add a new feature which requires modification to your codes while you were on a boot camp at a nice resort island (which I decide to sent you), I completed the modification within half a day (and painstakingly going through your codes, and try not to bother you by giving you even a single call). You have been doing this thing for more than a year and you are telling me you (f*cking) don't know that part of system because other team member (who had since left) was handling it before this."

I was bloody sick of listening to this kind of excuses, "Fine! (F*ck the bloody off here) I will do it myself!" and I make blardy sure that the whole department can hear that. And for the whole morning, the department was unusually quite. Some of the team member was extra polite while chatting with me today , too :P

I was sure if my boss was walking passed the department when I was giving the jolly good lashing at my team member, but I suspect he was as in a short moment after that he was extra nice to me, and as much as he like to hide was sort of checking with me if everything was alright.

And the lady PM couldn't find a better moment to break a not so encouraging. "J told me he need to start a new task, and he have not complete to task in my project." I wasn't in the mood to be nice to anyone anymore, enough is enough. Looked at her and "What is the task still pending in your project?" Again I wasn't hiding the fact that I wasn't please at all with her complaint. I half expected, she wasn't even sure what she is talking about. "Errr... I am not sure... ." You are looking for trouble lady, "What?!!! You are the project manager and you wasn't even know what task is still pending" I raised my voice higher, so that the whole room can hear (on purpose, of course :P). "Go and check with him, and only once you know should you come back to me!" I would be ashamed if I was her, but I just don't have any courtesy left, blood was already boiling :P

Had two meetings/discussions in the afternoon with two separates teams, and doesn't hide my displeasure about their working attitude. First session was pretty short, yet manage to send my points across. Second session, dealing with some of the *sigh* "hardcore" member, I just let it out and spend like half and hour "lecturing" them and treats them like a primary school kids. No subtleties, all plain, blunt and straight to the point. Wasn't even care if they took it well (even as much as possible, my complaint was out of good wills).

Again, was the person who locked up the office. And on the way home, another manager was asking me to join him and few more colleagues for a drink. So I ended up consuming processed malt liquid for dinner. Wasn't aware that one of our important partner is in town for a certain event, and nobody told me, not even my boss who was there too. I attended another partner's event which happen to be this partner competitor few weeks back, and was given their company T-shirt. It lays in my car since then, and don't know what got to me last night, I decided to wear this shirt today. Not that the partner mentioned anything while we were entertaining them, but I guess this is a blunder on my part. Probably it's a good thing that they know we have alternative, so despite being a big brother they won't be too proud ;P

I lost count on how many glasses didn't gulp down, hoping a couple of bars. Yet, still sober enough to drive home write this stupid post.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


While supporting my colleague in Pakistan, in between waiting for him to response to me, I have finally give a face-lift to this blog. Not very much though. Oh the good news is, just now, I have managed to guide and assist him to complete the last tasks among all the critical tasks that he need to complete, before he comes back tonight.

Added the flickr flash thingy on the sidebar. Actually until last night, I had given up on flickr because I am too lazy to upload the photo one by one. I only discovered there is a tools I can install to upload the photo to flickr in a more user friendly way. Ya ya... maybe I am the last person on earth to have just discovered that. I guess this tools has been around for sometimes. Before this I was just too plain lazy busy *excuses* to explore and looking for it.

Okie... I guess I better go out and get my dinner now. It's almost 9:30 pm liao :(

Thursday, November 16, 2006

To whoever this may concern

Now before I get into that, just got back from Casino Royale. Nah... I am not good a reviewing, and not in the mood to make fool of myself, so no review. Is there anything on this earth which is more painful and hurtful then being betrayed by a love one, and all because of money? In case you are wondering, nah this has nothing to do with the movies or me. Just something that float out of nowhere.

* * *
So, yes to whoever this may concern this may has got nothing to do with you. This writing is just for my own vainess sake and pleasure.

In case you have not notice, this organisation (you are an exception though) is all about formulating and implementing solutions. If pointing finger is part of the process of getting to the solution, for goodness sake do it. Yet I can't help but not sensing even a tiny weeny inkling of that intention when you replay your golden finger card, again.

Comes to age and tenure, yours superseded mine by far. For someone in your position and seniority, to choose to hide one inabilities behind a couple of poor juniors is just a plain shameful act. You are suppose to guide and protect themselves from their own folly and inexperienced, and not take advantage of them.

I wanted to say sorry that I was being rude for asking you to go away when I was having a discussion to find out from the poor his side of story, of whom you accused of being responsible of this mess that you let happen. Yet I think there is no point of saying sorry when I don't really mean it. Also for the fact that, being as subtle as I possibly can and ought to, I was "expoiting" the situation to my own advantage of "showing" to the poor soul and the rest of my team that I will never let them to be bullied.(I can feel the thorns and tail itching to grow out of my head and butt :P)

Stood there and attempting to interject our conversation, being as insecure as you are, I guess you must be trying ensure that the poor soul doesn't "expose" anything that might be of harmful to you (as if you still have any reputation left to be protected). Despite me being clueless (by choice) about this project, your attempt to cover-up your weakness is simply futile and insulting my intelligent. Yet if this will make you feel more secure, I can tell you I do not subscribe to your way of "solving a problem".

In case you have not notice and never ever learn and wondering why do I have to "protect" my team member, let me share this open secret with you. Accusing a member of my team of not performing is amounting to accusing me of not doing my job to ensure every member of my team is doing their job. If you have problem in dealing with any of them, you are always welcome to discuss with me (which "incidently" being agreed and highlighted by the person whom you always attempt to boot-lick), anytime. But please just don't expect me to swallow whole what you going to tell me.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Palace N Temple

I had half a day on Friday before my flight back to KL. Made a reservation for the Seoul Royal Palace Morning Rushing tour with a travel agency, and was brought to these two places. Just wish I have more time to take my own sweet time taking the photos. But the chatty tour guide is rushing the tour to complete it on time :(.

* * * Of Palace * * *
Gyeongbokgung Palace

The main entrance. The centre court with Japanese students.

For lack of description - Inside of the Palace... :P

Royal Tea House at the center of a lak

No worries be merry! The road at the side of the palace.

* * * Of Temple * * *
Jogyesa Buddhist Temple

Smiling Buddha :-)

Smilling Buddha (again). Pathway outside the temple.

Massive Clean Up

Spent like almost 5 hours clean up my loft this morning (technically yesterday morning actually). I can't even remember when was the last time proper clean was done. Go by the stack of old newspapers, I think maybe three/four months ago :P.

Having spent like one week in hotel, with someone to clean up everyday, and to come back to step on the sticky floor beg me to clean up the place. The amount of dust collected on the racks, and other surface is enough to turn few basin of water black.

With my brother out, I take my sweet time to clean up the bedroom, living room, and kitchen floor. The kitchen top and the rest will have to wait till I receive another "inspiration" :P.

Can you see the reflection on the floor?

* * *
The training was completed pretty early on the last day (Thursday). I took the opportunity to go Namdeamun Market (Seoul version of Petaling Street, except it's bigger).

Took subway there. Asked the women manning the ticket counter how to get there, communication was a problem as. She seemed to be struggling to explain to me on how to switch subway to get there. The route which she proposed requires me to transit subway only one time. But when I look at the map that I had with me, there seems to be an alternative route which seems to be shorter (on the map at least), alas I will have to transit to different lines twice. I took the shorter route, and changed two lines of subways. Man they have like at least 9 subway lines.

First impression I get when I was there was the shopkeeper seems like gangster to me, especially the male. Wearing leather jacket and what-not with their not-so-friendly face is pretty intimidating to me :P

* * *
The pig knuckle seems so delicious, I bought one for dinner. As usual, have problem communicating to shopkeeper. Had to resort to sign-language. At first she offered to sell me two, small one which at that time I thought I may not be able to finnish, and only to be regreted later that I took only one as most part of it are only bones. Lucky I also bought the corn and persimmon.

The corn is different from our local corn. Theirs is a bit like the glutinous rice, not as starcy as ours. I still prefer our local corn. The persimmon is nice tough, except that I didn't have knife to cut and peel it. So had to resorted to my babaric way of using hand and teeth :P

Thumbs up for the knuckle and persimmon, thumb down for the corn.

The remains. Can't finnish the corn :(

Monday, November 06, 2006

Enroute to Seoul with a double lucks

After offering a simple prayer at the altar, with some apprehension I left for KLIA last night. The prayer before a long journey part was something which was ingrained into me by my parent. During the univ days, right before the start of the trips back to KL, after every semester breaks, my mom would always asked me to offer some incense and prayer at the altar, seeking blessing from the deities and ancestor. It's a practise that I think I slowly abadoned. Yet somehow, last night probably because of the apprehension (as much as I wish to deny it :P), I did it.

By 11 pm, I arrived at the desserted KLIA. Check-in was a breeze. Except for few counter which seems to be swapped with tourist, most of other counter are quite. As oppose to my few previous trip, I choose to hand carry my lugage as previous experience teach me it's not worth the time to wait for my little luggage. Though this time round, I have plenty of time to throw away as flight will touch down way before my hotel check-in time.

After check-in, did last minutes shopping for some toiletries and snacks. Just in case the weather in Seoul get very nasty, a couple chocolate energy bar could probably save my life.

Since it was still one hour away from the check-in time at the boarding gate, I played a while with my cousin's Olympus C-5050. Snapped some useless photos, and took the stupid transit train to the terminal.

As forgetful and unattentive as usual, I thought I heard the pretty lady at the check-in counter told me I was suppose to go to Gate C2. While looking for the Gate C2, I head to the wrong direction and turned back to C2 when I realise I was heading the wrong direction. Yet, in actual fact I was heading to correct direction because I remember the gate number wrongly.

Only after I felt something was amiss when I was reaching Gate C2, did I take the boarding pass out from my bag and saw Gate C12 is printed on it, which was the direction where I first headed to. I guess, this again proven that I can never goes wrong when I follow my instinct, which I did when came out from the train.

By the time I got back again to C12, it's was just about time the gate was ready to be opened for check-in. Lots of Korean senior citizen were already noisily (just stating out fact, not complaining) waiting at the entrance of the gate. I guess most of them are tourist, at least 80% of the passenger consist of this group.

I can never understand why people like to rush to the plane when call for boarding was being made. Every flights that I took, be it local or overseas flight, the moment announcement is being made lot's of people will rush to door. Instead of joining them, I waited for almost 5 mins after the crowd at the door was cleared, before I made my move. Only to discover later that the I should have waited a little bit more as the queue going into the plane was still pretty long.

When finally it my turn to get into the plane, one of the Mas stewardess (I think a korean, based on her look and later the ease in which she communicate with the mainly Korean passengers) gesture to see my boarding pass. I shown to her, and she bubbling something in Korean language to me, if not of her hand pointing to the direction to my seat, I would have told I am no Korean and understand naught what she was babbling just now. Actually I was half expected that would happen, but only did I happen sooner than I though.

It's my looks actually. With some thai blood in me, I don't have the distinct chinese look. Most part of my life, especially in Malaysia, I am neither here nor there. As far as my look is concern, I am in limbo. Chinese would say I doesn't look like chinese (most of the time I was mistaken for a malay), and yet Malay don't think I am a malay too. So I would not be surprised, if I was mistaken for a Korean too.

I head to my seat, which only until then did I discover was the best seat as I was the first row with plenty of leg room. It took me a while to look for the seat as I would not expect my seat was taken by someone else. I recheck my boarding pass and recheck the seat number when I realised the an Korean uncle was seating on my seat. I told him, that was my seat and asked to see his boarding pass. He took out his passport, which was where he seems to keep all his boarding pass.

At first glance, the seat number printed on his boarding pass was same as the on my boarding pass. So I check again, only to discover that his flight number was different. It could only mean two things. It's either he was on the wrong flight, or it was me who was on the wrong flight. But I am pretty certain I was on the same flight, as when I check again, I saw the boarding time on his boarding pass was 10 something, which was few hours ago.

Only when I pointed it out did he took out the rest of his boarding passes which he kept in his passport and realised he was refering to the wrong boarding pass, and found the correct one among them. And true enough he was sitting at the wrong seat. I don't really know if that was an honest mistake. I can't seems to care too, as long as I got back my seat. He apologised, took his luggage and left looking for his seat.

Through out my all my previous flight which I travel alone, I have never been so lucky to be seated with young lady. It was either a guy or an auntie. Luck seems to be with me last night, not only did I get the best seat, the passenger next to my seat was a young lady too. Initially, I have no idea if she is a malaysia chinese or a korean. Only after she started talking Korean with the Korean stewardess when we were offered with sandwich for supper did I manage to confirmed that she is a Korean.

As it was already way too late and seeing that she was preparing herself to sleep by curling up under the blanket, I didn't try to interupt her with her rest by striking up a conversation with her. I was just seating there happily taking my sandwich supper and reading my books. I wasn't feeling sleepy, so I kept reading even until the common light was switched off, by turning on the reading light. I wasn't sure if I would somehow distracting her sleep by turning on the reading light, as I know there are some people like my mom who is very sensitive and cannot sleep even is a slight light being turn on.

So when I felt a slight sleepy, I decided to turn off the reading light and tried to sleep. Only later on did I discovered that, she was pleased that I turned on the light while reading my book for that period. As according to her, she was not very comfortable with turbulent that the plane went through from time to time throughout the journey. She told me, by turning on the reading light, it give her more comfort and sense of security.

Actually, she was the one who started the conversation with me. I woke up, to find that the sky is already bright, and the stewardess busy about preparing breakfast at about 5 am. I think I only manage to sleep for less than 2 hours.

She has been staying in KL for about more than one year, and like Malaysia so much that she decided to resigned from her job, when her contract in malaysia ended recently and her employer in Korea asked her to go back. She is on her way back to Seoul for a short trip to see her parents and friends. We were chatting away after the breakfast until the flight landed.

Told her this was my first trip to Korea, and asked for her advice on how to get on in Seoul. And of course the first thing was, how do I get to my hotel from the Airport, and told her I planned to take a cab. She advised me against it, as the cab fare is very expensive, somewhere around RM200-RM300. I should take a coach instead, she told me. I happened that her apartment is somewhere nearby my hotel. So she is pretty familar with the coach that I should take. It should be easy, she said, and my hotel is the first stop from the many hotels that the coach will stop. She offered to show me where to but the ticket for the coach and where to take the coach once we landed. So a pretty relief, at least my trip to the hotel was then settled.

Her friend was suppose to pick her up at the airport, as according to her she was told the weather has drop ed tremendously today in seoul, so her friend insist that he come and pick her up. When we finnaly landed and she collected her luggages, we went out and meet her friend who was already waiting for her. After talking to her friend, she turn to me said and her friend was offering me to hitch into their car because my hotel in near to their place and on the way. I thanks them and agreed.

She continue to introduces me to stuffs in Seoul on our ride into the city. It was raining through out most part of the trip, and the weather was cold. Her friend was asking if I bring enough cloth to wear, as according to him the weather may get colder these few days. Lucky I decided to buy and brought with me a thick jacket.

She did offered to take me around one of these day if the time is right for her and for me. Again I thanked her for the hospitalities, and she told not all Korean is as hospitable as her and her friend. I am just lucky to meet her, I can't agree more with her. We parted ways after she and her friend drop me right in front of the hotel lobby.

* * *

After sleeping for almost 5 hours, replacing my sleep defisit, I woke up around 3 pm (malaysia time). Check and replied some company emails. Procastrinating if I should go out for a walk until it was 5:30 pm local time (1 hour earlier than malaysian time), opened the curtain only to discover that the sky was already dark.

Get dressed, and got to the lobby to find out how to I get to my training venue tomorrow. Got the direction, decided to walk around the hotel to see if I can get my dinner.

There seems to be a number of restaurants behind the hotel. I venture into some of the small streets which littered with small convinient store and sundryshops. There is this small shop which i saw lot's of people queueing up out side store, waiting for seat to be empty to have their meal.

Common sense tells me that this store should be offering some thing good, but I am not sure if I should take the plunge. So I walk a little bit more, in that cold weather, until I started to feel I have lost a little bit of sensation over my nose and decided that I should made up my mind and pick a place to eat, or I could be freezed to death (sorry for this little drama, it's not that bad actually :P)

I head back the small shop just now, and tried to peer inside to see what was being served. There is also another shop next door with seems popular too, abeit judging from the queue less popular that the first store. I wish not to wait anymore, so head into the second shop. Only problem now, how to I order? Observing that they only served three type of food, I tried to order in english, which they obviously doesn't understand. I end up using sign language pointing at customer at the table next to me, and sort of telling them I want exactly the same with what the table next to me is having.

He doesn't seems to be able complete get what I was trying to say, as there was three different dishes on the next table, and yet he only bring me one dish. So I point again to the next table, and then he bring me the next dish. I was some sort of rice cake, in a chili spicy gravy and the other one was something that looks like and taste like Makizushi. The portion was not too big, but still I can't finnish them all. Snap some picture with camera phone, and thought of putting it here. Only problem was, the PDA which I need to used to transfer the file to my laptop decide to be a bitch and fail to work. Bleh!

For less than 10,000 Won (1,000 Won = RM4), I've got my first dinner in Seoul and these two drinks. The drinks were bought at the 7-11 clone on my way back to hotel. One green tea, and one Seol Joong Mae (Korean ume liquor). Considering that this is the third most expensive city in the world, I think I should not be complaining too much.

Okie... I think it's time to feed the alche worms in my stomach... The Seol Joong Mae (Korean ume liquor) review will follows at a later time ;-)

Seoul - For the lack of words

Touch down in Incheon International Airport around 7:10 am (Malaysia time). So far so good and lucky too... more about that in next post.

Outside of the arrival hall. It's cold out here. Around 5-8°C, and it was raining.

View from the tiny and expensive square box room. I am staying in the north of Han river, was told this is the older part of the city.

More update tonite... hopefully...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

What I wish I could do without before travel

Will be away from office for the whole week. I am attending a training in Seoul, and flying off tonight (of well it's actually tomorrow, 1am). For season business traveler, flying and traveling on business trip is not as glamour as what most of the people would think. I'm not yet a season traveller, but from my few previous trips I understand what thos season traveler are talking about. Red eyes flight, and transit are the most unattractive part of travel.

This is another first time me to Korea, and from what I read and heard foreigner who undestand and speak no Korean will have problem of communication there. As much as I wish to deny, there is some anxiety because of this.

The following are the thing that I wish I could do without, before (in preparation) for a trip.

Prepare the Luggage - How many shirt/pants/underwaer should I bring? Shit! It's autum there now, I think it's cold. I hate cold weather because I can't really stand it. Is the clothing that I bring enough to keep me stay alive from the cold weather?

Money Exchange - How much should I change? Damn! Seoul is such an expensive city. I have no choice by to call up my bank to activate my ATM to enable me to withdraw my money there.

Early morning flight - Oh well... this is not something that need to be done before travelling, anyway it's still something I don't like for the fact that I can't sleep comfortably on the uncomfortable chair. Maybe I should just ask for few glasses of alcoholic drink and knock myself out :P

Mmm... that are all I can think off. Not so many and bad enough for me to hate travelling. In fact I do like traveling. Travel to a new place and environment, give me a new perspective and snapped me away from the comfortable environment which I am used to. Being confortable is not neccessary a good thing, as if we are too comfortable (especially for too long) we tend to be complecent and take things for granted.

The long journey is a good excuse for me to buy more new books, and have plenty of time to read them. Went to bookstore to get myself some books just now. Let see if I can finnish these four book in one week that I am away.

Saw lots of classical books on the shelf, and very tempted to give it another try, but on second thought I chose to play it safe. Just took short stories from Oscar Wilde and Voltaire. My two previous attempts with classical novel failed miserably. The Dicken's The Old Curiosity Shop and Tolstroy's War and Peace are still collecting dust somewhere on my book shelf or somewhere :P Can't even get through quater of each books. Maybe I should give it another try when I my literary ego is on a high, now I don't think I am well prepared.

Borrowed a digicam from my cousin, hopefully will be able to post some interesting photo of my trip through out the week.