Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pyschology of Insecure and fear

I've just got back from the uncle pub which long has not been visited. If we need a reason why we should go out drinking tonite, I can list a few.

  • Long trip to Dhaka, and the successfully (sort of) completed the assignment.
  • The colleague who joined us in Dhaka last weekend, have just finished the second course of his stomach ulser treatment.
  • Tonight is the last day one of the singers will be singing there. She is quiting the singing job for property agent job.
Just when we were about to call it a day, my boss and another colleague turned up in the pub. So there goes my plan to come home earlier. We had another 2 jugs of beer and I was really hope that was the last jug. When we all finished our last glasses, a colleague pick up his bag, and then my boss said "one more for the road."

That was when the light in the pub was being turned on. Since I haven't been there for like 3 months, I thought they have shorten their operating hours. Only later did I aware about the raid when we saw some plain cloth policemen collecting identity card from the patron.

This gonna be a long night. The last time the pub we visited was raid, we had to wait for not less than 4 hours go get out from the pub. Efficiency was never in their dictionary, and I have the feeling that for certain reason the slowness is intended.

Anyway, on of the colleague was pissed off with the raid and start to behave naughtily and irritated the policemen. At first I thought nothing serious will happen. Unfortunately, he managed to irritate the policemen to the point where the raiding team decide to retaliate. Instead of conducting the urine test in the pub as is the normal SOP, they decided that all of the patron will be brought back to City Police HQ for urine test.

Obviously this supposingly were to be the "punishment" for the action of my colleague. His irritation ranged from urging the policemen to quickly start the procedure, asking to be allow to be among the first to get the urine test, snap the photo and video of raiding team with his camera phone. All of which I don't think break any law.

We calm the colleague down and all the patron including us were brought to the police HQ by Black Maria. At least one of the policemen doesn't seem to have EQ in conducting his work. He is still not happy with the antic of my friend, made it clear to everyone on the Black Maria that the reason why we were "punished" was because my friend was taking the picture of them, threw some stupid remark to provoke my friend, who by the time was already calm. If my goldfish brain serves me right, it goes something like, "Itu lar, belajar banyak sangat. Sikit-sikit tangkap gambar mahu buat komplen."

Poor insecure chaps, very obvious he is afraid of the being complained. If I were to do my job well, and public is taking picture/video of me doing my job well I would be proud, instead of turn into rage and resorted to childish action of giving out this kind of "punishment". What is there to be afraid of if one done his/her job well and above the table?

The usual sop for urine test took place at the police HQ. And as expected, it took not less than 3 hours to complete the test for about 60 persons.

I were expecting for the worst, they could try to make our life hard. But fortunately it was just SOP of urine test. When we got up into the black maria, some of the patron were still on their way up. Just for fun, I took out my SLR from my working bag. And snap three friends sitting on the wooden bench in the black maria.

Again, the policeman wasn't happy and use this opportunity to lecture and challenge me to retaliate. I keep a smilling face when he throw out all of this insecure comment in rage. In the the Black Maria was pretty dark, and I am not sure if he can see my smilling face. I hope he did :P

"Tak habis-habis mahu angkat gambar. Tadi dekat atas diam macam tikus. Suka sangat ambik gambar, nah kalau berani angkat gambar saya sekarang." He was standing up at the entrance of the steel cage. This goes one even when the Black Maria has moved, and he kept pouring out his rage and challenges for like another 5 minutes at the very least.

I was enjoying the moment. I know how it like to be in rage. How despite being in rage and thought that we are in control, and if you ever observed yourself in rage you can almost felt that your heart is being squeezed tight, and it's not a comfortable feeling. Poor chap, I hope he don't have high blood pressure, and pass out or drop dead in the Black Maria from his rage.

When we finally arrived back at the pub, I have already came out with a plan. I was going to walk up to him and show him my smiling face, and that could pissed him off further. As what I thought, I was the last one to get down from the black maria, and there he was standing just about 3-feet away. At that moment, I was thinking should i just let it go or go on with my plan.

In the split second, I decide to be naughty and pissed him off further. Just when he saw me come down and walked behind my boss, again he challenged me to take his photo. I walk up to him and give him a smile, which I guess piss him off further.

My boss who was walking beside me want no further trouble, put his hand on my right shoulder and pull me away from the policeman. We walked away and me feeling satisfied to at least be able to take revenge for my friends by pissing off the policeman knowing very well that we did nothing wrong. All he can do was to provoke us to make mistake of which we are not so stupid to make.

The friend and me had a good laugh on our way to pick up our car. If he think he can strike fear into us with his lowly words, I had to say that he is not too smart and maybe I should really write a complaint just for fun sake about how the tax I paid is being wasted on paying incompetent and childish policeman like him.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Of Sexy Brazilian Live Dance and Pearl

Hmm... or rather the lack of it. One day earlier, we were told by the local project coordinator there would be a Brazillian Party going on last night. She invited us to come along. So we work normal hours yesterday (meaning finish work at about 7pm).

Got back to hotel and changed. The driver picked us up and sent us to the restaurant. She wasn't there yet when we arrived. I'd guessed she and the rest of her friends won't be there so early too. So we just waited and get ourselves served a snack plate.

On the ticket which we paid for like RM75 at the entrance was pictures of sexy brazillian dancers in some feathers which obviously wasn't enough to cover all her skin. Exactly the same as the email shown to us by the local project coordinator. The buffet was no more than 5 dishes, including the soup.

I think we got ripped off by the restaurant. By the time she came and we had our so called main course which no other than the self service buffet, the sexy dancers were still no where to be seen. The so called famous DJ was already there and played some latin or samba sort of numbers which got some guai lous and guai phor to walk to the dance floor and shakes their bodies. Anyway the food was pretty okie, thought not as much variety. Well anything that is sweet is nice for my crocodile mouth (borrowed term from a friend). Worth mentioning are the honey roasted chicken and lamb curry with ocra (ladies' finger).

So we decided to leave at 11 pm, after waiting for like 2 1/2 hours. The project coordinator sent us out. My colleague was telling me about her pearl necklace when we were about to leave. Heard that the pearl here are pretty cheap and good. I think he may want to get some for his sweet heart back home.

So on the way out...

Colleague: (_put project coordinator name here_), your pearl necklace is so beautiful! *eyes beaming*.... Where do you got it? We heard the pearl here are good!

Project Coordinator: Oh yeah? I bought it in KL. You know, a place called Sg. Wang. I've got it for like RM10 only *with a smile*

I was like....LMAO, but of course only in my heart.

Anyway she promised to tell us where to get good pearl here one of these days :-)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Early Morning

warm shower
water torso runneth through
breathing in out

Still Ever The Same

Today is just like any other days since I have been here since the 7th last week. Full of frustration, and chasing after a ever moving target. Just when I thought the task is coming to an end, my itchy hand and mind just can't help to open another can of worms.

The promise that their part of the system will be ready by end of last month, is again just an empty promise. Despite it had been minuted down during a meeting with their marketing big shots just before I went back to Malaysia for CNY, this bugger can still with his ever indifference attitude ignore all his promises.

For the past three days, the flow which supposed to has been finalized and throughly tested was changed twice. I made my unhappiness known through my replies and reminders to him through the emails which were CC-ed to his immediate boss, as well as other stake holders. It certainly not a happy face to see me, neither my mails. At least he wasn't as cocky as before, and he even summoned me to explain his side of stories. Which I suspect was after he was screwed by his boss or other big shot, after I replied his mail and painted him in bad light. Like I care!

You think I am interested to hear your grandma/grandpa story. If you can't manage your other vendor well, then it's your problem. You think after all of your attempts to use us as scape goat when you fail to manage your other vendor, I will listen to your stories? Come on, I just want to get my jobs done and get out of this hell hole that you created for us. Thank you very much, but no thanks.

Oh! If you some how wondering why your watery shit is flowing out of your sorry big ass, which I suspect where your peas brain is, during your orgasm and messed up with your cums, it's because my buddy and me has put a hex on you! :-P

*end of rant*

I wasn't really fond with anything that has gotta do with the red dot down south. Yet despite that, I guess I have to admit their airport is just awesome.

This admission came about, after having spent almost half a day in the little confined city of Changi Airport. For one reason or another, the connecting flight to Dhaka was about 8 hours from the time we touched down at Changi Airport.

Okie... well the IT or more precisely the Internet facilities in the air port is just so awesome, that I have to swallow my pride and admit (yeah for the 3rd times) that it is just AWESOME.
  • Internet is free. Oh well... I think the airport itself does provide free wireless. But I can't seem to be able to connect to it. But fret not, because one of their Telco, Starhub provide you with free unlimited wireless access as long as you roam on their mobile network. Just call a certain number, and the login and password will be sent well on the way to your phone through the sms.
  • Working desk/station are provided FOC. Though I didn't try the ethernet connection provided on the desk, I suspect that I may just work, and it's FOC. Do I sounds so cheapo already? Oh well... who can resist free thing?
  • Near evening, the pub/cafe next to the workstation even have a couple of performers performing live, though I can't remember exactly how go the performance is I still think it's awesome. When will our KLIA gonna have something like this? Not that I am so stoopid as to stay there for transit though :P No harm wondering, yes?

Oh meet my new notebook. Not really new as in NEW notebook. My old mate decide that he had enough, and gone cuckoo during CNY.

I manage to download Ubuntu 6 and install on this fella and upgraded it to 7 (feisty, which is still under development). I have decided to part with the Mandrake (or Mandriva as it's known now after the merger) distro after more than 4 years and do away with familiar and comfortable RPM based distro.

I have no experience with Debian based distro until now. From my less than three weeks experience with Ubuntu, I would say I am impressed. Being a lazy S that I am to tinkle with all the setting and manual install during the Mandriva days, I am pretty happy with the default install of Ubuntu. Well of course I did use the preloaded software package manager to download and install some optional software package and it's so trivial that even normal user will be able to do it. Well done the folks at Ubuntu!

To be fair, the Mandriva 2006 that I last installed was on the older notebook, with lower hardware spec which doesn't even have wireless build in and I have not tried the latest Mandriva 2007 (was it 2007?).

The wireless connection on Ubuntu is just perfect. It also manages to detect all the component correctly. Even the screen lock button work without any tinkering. The WiFi on/off button doesn't seems to work though, not that I used them anyway too. Can always use the software control to turn on/off the wireless connection.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Mr. BBToo

That is the initial given to our Mr. Chef. The actually full name is pretty unsightly to be put out here in open.

He has a story, at least for us. His story begin probably about one week ago. I mean his story with us. That first time when it actually first caught my sight was when all the kaki alkie convene to the club where the singers are either staring at the floor, the three big asses flat screen on the wall or anywhere else but the audiences.

I was supposed to be the first drinking session after CNY, with almost a full quorum. As usual, we would like trying to get the kublai khan, who is ever elusive and snake-king when come to drink. As usual too, after some failed attempts the target will be shifted to one of our convenient target.

I don't exactly know if our Mr. BBToo is already in the club or being placed at the club entrance. By the time I realized, he was already standing on our table. At least twice the height of the tower which contained the gold liquid.

In between clapping our hand at the end of every song (which being asked to) and shouting "Take off your panties" in mandarin to the sexy singer who adopted 60s/70s theme, we do all sort of stupid thing to entertain ourselves.

One of the act was to push the head of our convenient target to the scrotum of the Mr. BBToo and snap a pic out of it :P By the end of all the show, and when the club was suppose to close, we were still playing with Mr. BBToo and contemplating to bring it back with us. Unfortunately, being the noisiest and most unruly bunch of customer that night (and most of other nights there), the two big ass bouncer was keeping a very close eyes on us. So the plan has to be aborted.

Three days later, I was informed by one of the colleague that one of the gang did actually brought Mr. BBToo to office. I was place in the next room, I was too busy at that time to pay a visit. Later, I was told that the night before, they actually went back to club and smuggled Mr. BBToo out. Mr. BBToo is about half my height, and probably half my size. I really don't know how did they manage to pull it off. But I know for sure we can never go back to that club again :P

I was told that when he was brought out, Mr. BBToo was actually placed in the bar (behind the counter), and the two bouncer were in the club somewhere too. In the first attempt, Mr. Convenient was supposed to drive his car to the front door of the club, and they to bring Mr. BBToo out and put into his boot. But five minutes after he left to get his car, they found that something was amiss and gave Mr. Convenient a call. Only to hear from the other end of the line... "Yeah, I am a chicken" and he was well on his way home.

Given no choice, the remaining three guys has to pull the act off by themselves. One was place at the door, one as the watch man (over the two bouncer) and one was to hug and carry Mr. BBToo out. When they were on the way out, there was a number of people at the next gaming room entrance. I guess they were too stunted to shout or even do anything when saw Mr. BBToo was being carried off and put into a two door wira boot in front of their eyes. And pulled it off they did! lol He is going to be our maskot, for a while. Until we get another kickass mascot that is.

A target has been set, and it is supposed to happen within this year. Watch this space :P Oh the black board which Mr. BBToo is holding, was paste with a printout which contains No Pet, No Sales Man with the photo of a doggy being strike out, and also the pictures of both our Marketing VP being strike out is currently put at the entrance to my department room. Both of them are good sport. One just shown me his fist while smiling from outside the room and the other pretend to cover his face when I came into our room. It was fun! Yay!

Updated: Added the below pic, designed by our co.'s SYT graphic designer :-)

Saturday, March 03, 2007


There is only so much fun one can have by oneself.